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Meditation Monday

6 Ways to Keep a Yoga Practice with a Toddler

6 Ways to Keep a Yoga Practice with a Toddler

In one of my most recent meditation monday posts, I talked about why yoga made me a better mother, but never really got to share with you how I am able to continue a yoga practice while having a toddler. Well today I am going to show you 6 ways to continue a daily... read more

Tasty Tuesday

Wholesome Wednesday

21 Days of Blended Foods

21 Days of Blended Foods

What an awesome experience 21 days of blended foods has been!  At the beginning of each year I commit to doing a 21 day fast of some sort.  I try to do something different each year that will help me to grow and force me to try new things.  It’s also important, for me... read more


Thrifty Thursday


Reupholstered Chair Tutorial

Reupholstered Chair Tutorial

Hello fellow crafters, A few months ago Ava and I spent the weekend in East Texas with my mom. It was suppose to be a nice relaxing weekend for me, however my mother had other plans. We had about 2 crafts a day to take care of as well as a first time DIY job…... read more


Family Friday



Sustainable Saturday



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Om Livin’ Supporters

Om Livin’ Supporters

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There are no words to describe how breath taking this dress is. Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication. It was perfect in everyway

Nancy Burnette

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