Hello and welcome, thank you for visiting our page! Om Livin’ is more than just a blog, we are a community of like minded individuals who are seeking the path towards a better tomorrow. Making more educated choices throughout our life will no doubt change and advance mankind more than we ever dreamed it would. Living peacefully and sustainably not only heals our body, mind and soul, but affects the mind, body and souls of those around us all while respecting the planet. So come join us on the path towards enlightenment.

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Through yoga; your mind, body & soul are strengthened & revitalized as with meditation and other forms of spiritual practices. Peaceful living, a calm mind & active body will no doubt advance you in all aspects of life & lead you towards the path of Enlightenment.


The diet is a main factor that exploits our health, likewise it also plays a immense role in our environment. Consuming a Plant Based diet such as Vegetarian or Veganism can be associated with innumerable health benefits while maintaining a sustainable way of living.

Holistic Health

Believing strongly in Alternative Medicines & holistic healing, we show you new ways to use your spice cabinet, introduce you to complementary therapies & herbal uses, in hopes to help you prevent & alleviate your symptoms, illnesses & diseases.

DIY & Crafting Projects

Creating a variety of projects ranging from sewing toddler & adult clothing to building household items. Simple instructions with clear imagery for you attempt your very own DIY projects.


Learn the benefits that come with the conscious and attachment parenting methods. Popular topics discussed are; breastfeeding toddlers, cognitive and sensory skill building as well as alternatives to standard punishments.

Going Green

Rid your body, mind & home of products that contain harmful chemicals & toxins. We show you easy to make recipes to replace your traditional home and beauty products as well as explain their beneficial & healing properties.

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Meditation Monday

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Namaste Readers, I am so excited to write today’s post! Happiness has been discussed on this blog before, but I wanted to examine these feelings a bit more deeper…. at the vibrational level. Did you know that your thoughts and feelings are an energy vibration? In fact…

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Tasty Tuesday

Cacao Cookies with a White Chocolate Drizzle & Crushed Peppermint

Hello my hungry friends, Have you noticed all the Valentine’s holiday merchandise taking up the aisles in your grocery store lately? The chocolate hearts, chocolate roses, chocolate fondues…chocolate chocolate chocolate! As much as I secretly love chocolate I..

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Wholesome Wednesday

All About Supplements | Part One: Multivitamin

I have been so excited about getting this series started! I can’t think of a more joyous feeling than knowing the Lord is using your hard work to impact lives. I have put in countless hours over the past 5+ years to come up with what I believe to be a very important…

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Thrifty Thursday

Reupholstered Chair Tutorial

Hello fellow crafters, A few months ago Ava and I spent the weekend in East Texas with my mom. It was suppose to be a nice relaxing weekend for me, however my mother had other plans. We had about 2 crafts a day to take care of as well as a first time DIY job…

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Family Friday

Valentines Day Sensory Crafts & Activities for Toddlers

Hello dear parents, Around this time last year, I wrote my first toddler crafting post, I am not only amazed at how much I have learned and done for this blog but I am so grateful to have such amazing readers like you! My readers and Ava are who keep me motivated to…

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Sustainable Saturday

The Importance of Weekly Prepping & How Toddlers Can Help

Namaste crunchy readers, Do you have an active toddler who is always wanting to help? Well I have a great task for you & for them! As I have mentioned on previous posts, I do all my grocery shopping once a week. But I left out that I do all of the weekly prepping…

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21 Days of Blended Foods

What an awesome experience 21 days of blended foods has been!  At the beginning of each year I commit to doing a 21 day fast of some sort.  I try to do something different each year that will help me to grow and force me to try new things.  It’s also important, for me...

6 Ways to Keep a Yoga Practice with a Toddler

In one of my most recent meditation monday posts, I talked about why yoga made me a better mother, but never really got to share with you how I am able to continue a yoga practice while having a toddler. Well today I am going to show you 6 ways to continue a daily...

Why Toddlers Hit & 6 Ways to Stop It

So imagine that you’re playing peek-a-boo with your little 25 month old having a great time, when all of a sudden your tot gets so excited she smacks you right in the face. Ouch!! There are many ways to handle this situation but before we do, lets figure out why...

Vegan Tacos with Black Bean Avocado Spread

Shopping with a two year old is always random, sometimes she’s very helpful and playful, sometimes she’s asleep on my back, sometimes she falls asleep on the boob while gracefully snuggled in the carrier and then there are those times when she doesn’t sleep….she gets...

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