Did you know that your diet has an effect on your milk supply, the chances of thrush and your baby’s health?

Diet is everything in breastfeeding, whether you’re wanting to increase your milk supplyLINK or decrease the amount of allergies your child might have in the future….it all starts with the food you eat. I have compiled a list for future and current nursing mothers in hopes that you’re able to continue your nursing journey for as long as you two shall choose in a safe and struggle-free way!

1. High Mercury Fish

  • Many fish contain the neurotoxin mercury which can have a great effect on your baby’s brain and can damage your baby’s developing nervous system.. As a vegetarian I would suggest avoiding fish altogether for health reasons but if you must absolutely have your fish, be sure to stay away from your predator fishes such as swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish and be sure to limit the amount you eat each week.

2. Alcohol

  • So this one is a bit tricky because having 1 glass of red wine or dark beer is helpful to drink right before or during breastfeeding as this can help you relax and help with let down. But more than that is not recommended especially for newborns.
  • There is no need to pump and dump because alcohol in your breast works the same way as it does in the bloodstream, once it’s gone it’s gone…there is no need to waste that precious milk because the alcohol has left your body.
  • Too much alcohol can decrease your supply and obviously make you drunk which is not a safe environment for your baby/child to be in.

3. Caffeine

  •  A morning cup of tea is going to be fine but be sure not to over do it as it can affect your baby’s sleep and nervousness. Remember that caffeine is in more than just tea, coffees and chocolates. And never drink energy drinks!

4. Cabbage

  •  Cabbage leaves are recommended by lactation consultants during the weaning phases to help decrease your milk supply. It has a very strong affect and is not worth risking your supply for, but I am not the biggest cabbage fan lol.
  • Consuming cabbage leaves doesn’t necessarily reduce your supply as putting the leaves in your bra, but cabbage has been known to cause an extremely gassy baby. So for your LO sake try to stay away from this one unless you know your baby’s belly is ready to take it.

5. Peppermint

  • This one was hard for me because I love peppermint! This is a lactation inhibitor such as the cabbage and is also used for weaning.

6. Sage

  • Another supply inhibitor, sage is one herb that I still stay away from. Becareful because this herb is often found in stuffing and toppings and since the colder holidays are coming up, you will find those foods everywhere.

7. Herbs

  • You will find out that there are other herbs that will decrease your supply but the reason this one is on the list is because there are many herbs that can hurt your baby’s growth and little body. Try to stay away from these common herbs:
    • licorice root
    • star anise
    • ginseng
    • black cohosh
    • kava kava
    • and more.

8. Citrus

  • Citrus fruits have been known to agitate your baby’s digestive tract and cause problems ranging from gastrointestinal result to even diaper rash. To get your vitamin C try switching to mangos or strawberries.

9. Peanuts

  • With the amount of people who are allergic to peanuts, it goes without saying that this is one food to stay away from for a while. Babies may suffer from wheezing, hives and even rashes if they are allergic to peanuts.

10. Dairy

  • Another food that is high in intolerances, dairy is one that I stayed away from for a really long time. Many babies suffer from digestive problems, colic, and even vomiting.

Be sure to keep a food journal when adding new foods into your diet and note any reactions and behaviors your baby may have the next 72 hours. Of course if your family has a history of certain food allergies, please be sure to stay away from those for as long as possible as well as other commoner allergenic foods such as, nuts, eggs, wheat and soy.

I wanted to say thank you to all the crunchy mamas that let me use their nursing pictures in my post! So happy to have a great group of ladies! 

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