10 Natural Ways to Cope with Stress

Oct 7, 2015 | Holistic Health, Miscellaneous

Today is all about stress! In my recent post I shared 10 herbal remedies for anxiety and stress however I know that some people can suffer side effects when taking herbs and I wanted to offer a list of other remedies to help alleviate stress! As a mother I am late to pretty much any event I’ve ever planned to go to, I am always having to clean up my home, and there just is never enough time to get things done let alone pee by myself. Those all give me anxiety and stress like no other however with these techniques I am able to calm my stress and get my blood pressure back to normal. I know that many of you live in a stressful and it’s important to me to make sure my readers are prepared for the world to bombard them with stress and how we can efficiently deal with it!

10 Natural Ways to Cope with Stress

  1. Meditation

    • Practicing Meditation is very effective in treating stress and anxiety. “The act of practicing mindful awareness allows one to experience the true essence of each moment as it really occurs, rather than what is expected or feared,” says Teresa M. Edenfield, Ph.D. Meditation focuses on breath and stilling the mind. There have been studies to show that daily meditation increases your ability to overcome any stressful moment over time. By forcing yourself to focus on the present moment, you’re not fearing what is about to come out of a situation, everything that has been done cannot be changed now, it is time to sit well with that fact and move forward. The only thing you can change is how you react to the situation and meditation can help you think more rationally. Be sure to check out my posts empirical evidence: Meditation Heals & Mindfulness Meditation: benefits & how to for more on meditation and it’s health benefits!
    • Begin by being conscious of your breath. inhale….exhale. Breath in all that is good and calm and release all that does not serve you. What’s done is done and cannot be changed, focus on what outcome you may want and see the most peaceful way of going about that. Keep your breath at a continuous rhythm and quiet your mind anytime you start to feel anxious again.
  2.  Biofeedback Therapy

    • Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that is used to help patients control their autonomic nervous systems better. Your nervous system controls involuntary physical functions such as your breathing pattern, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, skin temperature, and even brainwave frequency. Biofeedback can be used to treat many different illnesses and conditions and is great for stress and anxiety.
    • Biofeedback is done through monitoring instruments that are then attached to various parts of the body using sensors depending on what type of biofeedback technique is being used. A beep or tone (sometimes a visual image on the screen) will appear to in response to the messages it’s receiving. Sessions can vary from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how easily a person is able to control their reactions and responses.
    • This is a continual practice until you are able to master your triggers. This is a great alternative to herbs and medications and can make you more attuned to your body and your mind!
  3.  Hypnotherapy

    • Sometimes you just need someone to put you into a deep sleep and help create a subconscious change to relieve you of stress. I mean haven’t you ever seen office space?? lol. Most people who have undergone a hypnosis treatment appear to be more responsive and uplifted.
    • This process is also used for phobias and irrational fears, which for those with chronic anxiety this will benefit you.
  4. Flower Therapy

    • Did you know there was such a thing?? Yes flower therapy exists and is claimed that the energetic vibrations of flowers can be contained and used for healing purposes.
    • Choose your flower (each one has a specific purpose or aliment it can heal) consume it orally and let it work it’s magic. Although buying or planting some fresh flowers to look at are also a good idea to relieve stress.

5. Exercise

  • One of the best anxiety management techniques can be found in the mirror…yes you! Like I mentioned in my previous post anxiety prepares your body for a fight or flee situation. Exercise can stimulate the brain to produce calming chemicals and get all those hormones back to where they need to be.
  • Ride your bike, jog, row, or even a little parkour can help. Just make sure to get your heart rate up for about 21 minutes or so. This is one of my favorite ways because its not only helping your stress but your body as well!

6. Yoga

  • I know that this is technically considered exercise buttttttt, yoga is so much more than just exercise! Yoga is one of the oldest self-improvement practices there is! Yoga has many techniques for stress management, such as focus on breath, body movement, silence and stillness. One of my favorite ways to calm down and destress!

7. Healthy Nutrition Habits

  • Eat a proper breakfast and fill your belly with the good stuff to decrease your anxiety.
  • Vitamin and minerals deficiencies have been associated with anxiety. By having a healthy diet you are filling your body with these much needed vitamins and minerals (such as b, c & e vitamins, magnesium, omega-3 & omega-6 and more)

8. Sweat it out

  • Warm (detox) baths, relaxing under a warm sun, spending time in the sauna or steam room all have something in common….yes they are all relaxing but they also are associated with increased body heat. Through this increased body heat, your body is able to alter specific neural circuits that control your moods allowing you to relax and experience a reduction in anxiety as well as muscle tension.

9. Get out in Nature

  • Go for a walk in the woods! People who walk in the woods or forest for 20 minutes or longer have been proven to have lower stress than those who go for a walk in the city or highly populated area. When walking into nature you’re able to use all your 5 senses. This calms you down as well as allows you to clear your mind and declutter it! Not to mention that you get the benefit of exercise.

10. Sleep

  • Sleep can be something that many with anxiety can experience a loss in. Try meditation or a warm relaxing bath before you lay down in bed to help you fall asleep better. When you’re able to get on a normal sleep schedule your body starts to run more efficiently and your brain is able to think more clearly, leading to less panic attacks.

Bonus: Go Screen free

  • This is something that I have started a few months ago and it has really been working for me! Sundays I have chosen to go completely screen free! I am sure if you follow me on Facebook, google+, or twitter you have seen my hashtag #lifeunplugged. A few other blogger friends have joined in vowing to go screen free for a day.
  • What do I do?? Well this gives me time to sit outside under my beautiful elm tree and read a few extra chapters of a wonderful book, paint with Ava, sew or knit a few crafts. Being able to break free from mundane social media, emails and text messages can help clear your head and allow you to reset and refocus!!
If you’re interested in going screen free for a day be sure to use the hashtag #lifeunplugged to help motivate others to do the same. I would love nothing more than to be the start unplugging for a day a popular trend! With going screen free you have time to do any of the previous 11 remedies to help reduce your anxiety and get your life back on the happy and calm track!

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Question of the Day: What is your favorite way to destress?

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Wow, that was a lot of information for you today! So glad you stopped by, I hope that this information has informed you as well as filled you with more questions to begin your very own path towards wellness. I want to thank you for reading today’s post and educating yourself on holistic health. Not only are you helping the planet but you are helping yourself and those around you truly heal. Living a healthy lifestyle takes some work but I promise you it’s 100% worth it!! I also want to mention that I am not a doctor and all the information given to you today is for information purposes only, please continue to educate yourself from other sources. Please read my disclaimer for more information. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family, like us on our social media | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | platforms and subscribe to our newsletter for more topics on holistic living!
Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Ashleigh is a mother & wife who enjoys blogging in hopes to change this world for the better. Wanting to heal others inside-out as well as healing our planet Earth. Her passions include balancing the mind through meditation, knowledge & conscious parenting, the body through plant based eating, alternative medicine, & yoga, and the soul through up cycling, gardening, & sustainability. Keep your life balanced & subscribe to her weekly emails, like OmLivin’ on FB or check her out on Google+ for more.

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