10 Reasons Why I Deleted Facebook

Jul 8, 2016 | Green Parenting, Miscellaneous, Motherhood

Hello my loving parents,

So a pretty big thing happened two weeks ago. I took the plunge and deleted my Facebook! As a blogger this is a pretty big deal, as I can no longer reach the Facebook world on my own. However, my blog is to promote Healthy Families, Peacefully & Sustainably & Facebook hasn’t been those things for me lately. Facebook became more of an addiction instead. I think it really hit me when I couldn’t play with Ava longer than 15 minutes without unintentionally picking up my phone to search through the news feed or check for notifications. I literally started putting a timer on my phone to help prolong my play time before I got phone time…..yes I am serious. I started feeling like I was a slave to this app/website.
I know that social media had the intentions of making it easier to stay connected with friends, family, & acquaintances…but it was stealing my everyday moments that I should have been enjoying. Being a mom was something that I always wanted to be growing up & here I was wasting this precious time stuck on a tiny screen as my daughter is asking me over and over again to watch her, play with her, BE with her.
I want to promote healthy families, and deleting my Facebook as well as Om Livin’ Facebook page was one of the best things I could to for that cause. I am free, no more checking in to a world of drama, selfies, and vanity. I want my readers to question why I don’t have a Facebook, I don’t want those readers to be reading Facebook news while pushing their kids on the swing. I don’t want my daughter growing up watching her mother addicted to a screen, I want to show her that there is a world out there worth living for….that there is adventure in every forests & a fairy hiding behind every tree.
Are you curious to know what a life is like without Facebook, is like? Here is a top 10 list benefits for Deleting your Facebook account. 

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10: Free time

The very first thing I noticed was all the free time that all of a sudden arose when I didn’t have an app to click on to fulfill my boredom. After the countless hours wasted on Facebook, I now have no excuse to get up and get out of the house more often. Ava & I have been able to enjoy mother nature for longer periods, I am able to take out a book and read more. As a blogger, I can really focus on my blog as well…. what would you do with your free time?

9: Finding out who the real friends are

Really when you think about it, being connected to 400-600 friends is really hard. Facebook’s algorithms even dismiss most of your friend’s content because there is too much to see. I know that each and every person that was a friend on my Facebook list walked into my life for a reason, but it doesn’t make sense to keep them there just for the sake of having an extra friend, I am ok with them walking out of my life now that they served their purpose & I have served mine. If they are not ok with it, then they always have the option to contact me through a phone call, text, or even email….I did give a warning to all my friends the week before and left my contact info if anyone wanted it. I get to see what friends actually put the effort in to talk to me & I them….PS: I did actually had quite a few people that never really talked to me before send me messages saying they would love to stay in contact, which means I was starting to form a stronger relationship with these acquaintances….yay!

8: Connection

Now that my Facebook is gone, it will be a bit harder for people to stay in contact with me, but like I mentioned before….I want meaningful relationships with people who realize that the phone call can go both ways. I can now enhance my real relationships by talking more in person and truly being there in the moment with them. I am OK with having less friends yet stronger relationships. Although they still have the opportunity to pull out their phones while I am talking, I do not. I feel like I am going to learn a lot from just that alone. I am going to enjoy the company I am with, even if its just with myself. Which makes for an important point, that I am able to spend more time with myself. Meditation is great for the soul. I am also able to focus more on Ava and Shane as those are really the two most important people in my life.


7: More Positivity

So there have actually been studies done by Facebook’s data science team where they manipulate users news feeds to determine what their own content produces. In a study using 689,003 Facebook users forbes states: The researchers, led by data scientist Adam Kramer, found that emotions were contagious. “When positive expressions were reduced, people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative expressions were reduced, the opposite pattern occurred,” according to the paper published by the Facebook research team in the PNAS. “These results indicate that emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence our own emotions, constituting experimental evidence for massive-scale contagion via social networks.” First off I would rather not be volunteered for a study unknowingly, especially when it comes to my emotions. I don’t want to feel feelings of jealousy, depression and so on. I want to feel happy, I want to focus on myself more instead of the girl I only knew in 6th grade…I am enjoying my life’s journey more so now without the constant comparison of others.

6: Privacy

We all have that friend on Facebook that literally shares everything from the color of her fingernails to the breakfast she is eating. After knowing more about the studies that are conducted by the Facebook team, I really don’t want to share any of my personal life with them anymore. We are literally giving them millions of data right at their fingertips and they can use it anyway they want. Being out of the loop gives me more incentive to be more responsive in conversations, ask meaningful questions because I don’t know what is going on in their life since I no longer have a little screen telling me.

5: Cutting out Gossip

One of the best parts about being out of the loop is the disappearance of gossip. Another plus is when I do chat with a friend, there really isn’t enough time to fit the gossip in since we are too busy catching up! My conversations are much more meaningful and intellectual when gossip is never brought up. Not to mention the stress that drama causes on people, and I am not only talking about your drama but reading the drama of others…remember #7? Less drama = Less stress.

4: Living a Real life

It’s funny to see so many memes regarding the pictures you post of yourself vs the pictures tagged of you on Facebook. To this, I believe many people are living a fake life where everything must be perceived as flawless as possible.Who cares??? Who cares who sees my perfect picture standing next to a beautiful landscape, who cares who see me in the background making a quadruple chin smilie face at my sisters to make them laugh….thats my life, both of them. A very vain way of life to live in my opinion and I was able to escape that altogether. By deleting Facebook, I can focus more outside of myself and get a better perception of this world and reality.

3: Education

This one I am most excited for. I have a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable. I did intend Facebook to help me out with this, hoping to be provided informative articles by following reputable sources. However, many people still play down when posting articles….seriously Facebook has more buzzfeed articles than buzzfeed itself! My news feed seemed more like a junk feed and a time sucker. It might seem a bit backwards, but I am a total book person. If an article or study is too long, I need to print it out, highlight, & file it. I have started to have time to read more of my books and take better notes. Which in turn helps me to provide more valuable content to my Om Livin’ readers.

2: Freedom

Now I know this one seems similar to #10 buttttt it is completely different. This is actual freedom I have now gained back…. well still in the process of gaining back. My mind is still automatically picking up the phone to see if there are any notifications, then remembering that I no longer have a Facebook to check on I happily put the phone back down. But I find this very problematic and sad that I actually programmed myself to become a slave to this app. One day soon I hope not to bother thinking about picking up the phone every 15 minutes. But for now, I still have the satisfaction knowing that I won. I can wake up with only my cares in the world, be freed from outer negativity and go live a happy & healthy life.

1: Being in the Present

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” -Big Keane

How many times were you in the middle of life & pulled out your phone to take a picture for Facebook. Then how many times did you interrupt your moment to check out many other people thought it was as cool as you did?? You may have felt like you enjoyed every minute of that adventure, but your mind wasn’t in the moment. Our family has started a new tradition where we pick a new spot to go camping every other weekend & let me tell you, it has been amazing. We turn our phones off after checking into the park & keep them off until we are back in civilization again. I have enjoyed every minute of those trips. We are making memories and simply enjoying each moment as it comes to us….especially the nice breezes that interrupt the Texas heat.


Question of the Day:

Would you delete your Facebook for any of these benefits? How would your life be different if you said goodbye to the big F? 

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Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Ashleigh is a mother & wife who enjoys blogging in hopes to change this world for the better. Wanting to heal others inside-out as well as healing our planet Earth. Her passions include balancing the mind through meditation, knowledge & conscious parenting, the body through plant based eating, alternative medicine, & yoga, and the soul through up cycling, gardening, & sustainability. Keep your life balanced & subscribe to her weekly emails, like OmLivin’ on FB or check her out on Google+ for more.

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