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I am so excited to write today’s post! Happiness has been discussed on this blog before, but I wanted to examine these feelings a bit more deeper…. at the vibrational level.

Did you know that your thoughts and feelings are an energy vibration?

In fact everything in this universe is a vibrating energy, so by creating a higher frequency through your thoughts, emotions, words, actions and so on… you are creating a positive lifestyle for you, those around you & even the collective consciousness of this earth. Through Karma Yoga you are sending out these positive vibrations only to receive it back tenfolds.

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

However keep in mind that if you are sending out negative vibrations through anger, physical abuse, vicious words or thoughts you will be stuck in the lower frequency level.

So how do we heighten our frequency??

Simple love the life you live and live the life you love! Here are 10 simple starter points to do so:

10 Ways to Raise your vibration

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

1. Gratitude 5

Every morning when you first wake up, before getting out of bed or when brushing your teeth, think about 5 positive things you’re grateful for at that very moment while also letting go of 5 negative thoughts or feelings (especially feelings towards others like jealousy or anger). Focusing on the negative or things you do not have is depressing and severely lowers your vibration rate.

Just remember that you have so much to be grateful for, like the fact that you woke up or the fact that there is a light source within the perfect range of this beautiful planet that allows life. By starting each day off with an appreciation for the things you do have, you are shifting your thoughts towards more positive vibrations. Check my Gratitude Post for more information on how to have gratitude.


2. Karma Act

Each day practice doing a good deed for someone (bonus points if it’s for a complete stranger or someone you personally don’t like).

Practicing Karma Yoga is great for your soul and the receiver’s soul by increasing both vibrational levels! I will leave the good deeds up to you and your imagination, but be sure to put 100% into at least one good deed each day to really be effective.

Remember the famous saying “What goes around comes around”? Well the more positive you bring to this universe, the more positive you will receive from this universe (which will give you more to be thankful for on your morning 5 list)!

Don’t forget to practice forgiveness, be compassionate towards all sentient beings and towards yourself!


3. Find the Beauty in the world!

How lucky are we that we get to live on such a breathtakingly beautiful planet??

There is beauty all around my loves, be sure to really enjoy it each day! Sometimes all it takes is staring at a perfectly peaceful (sleeping) toddler, other times it’s watching nature and how perfect she is! Get out there and live, find beauty and when you’ve run out of things to find take up a new hobby like rock climbing or surfing or even bird watching if you’re not into sports! The list is literally endless don’t give up so easily. Check out my post on how to start a nature group


4. Goals

Each day spend a few moments focusing on the one thing that makes you happy and how you can make that your career or way of life! Find baby steps to make it happen and go for it!

Why wake up going to a job you hate every day…the money?

Is that money really worth your happiness??? What if you could make your passion your career? I know that at this point in time blogging is not a career for me, but every day I take the steps towards making it one…because I love every topic I discuss & love being able to share that information, for free, with readers like you! Do in life what really makes you happy and forget all the social norm negativity, don’t get caught up in that.


5. Accept & Control Your Emotions

When you’re feeling frustrated, upset, jealous or even angry. Take a step back, inhale, and slowly exhale counting to 5. Repeat if necessary and take a look at the situation. YOU are the only one who can control your emotions, which leads to your actions and ultimately your living situations. Try not to always put yourself in the victim role, is this tiny situation (which might feel huge in your world at the present moment) really worth lowering your vibrational frequency? Are those negative thoughts/actions going to give you what you want in life? If not then stop thinking about it and go back to number 4 or 1!

We are a tiny ripple in the ocean just remember how a small a tiny problem in that ripple is, but look how much it effects those ripples around it. Are you having trouble controlling your anger around your toddler or child? Check out my post on How to Control Your Anger: 4 Steps to Stop Yelling with a free printable! 


6. Conquer a Fear

There are two emotions, which all other emotions stem from.

Fear & Love.

By living in fear you are living in a lower frequency and are unable to achieve true happiness or love. Being able to face & conquer fears will give you a sense of relief, achievement & bring you closer towards enlightenment. Now I am not saying go face to face with a killer clown or find a robber to go up against… but if you have a fear of heights go rock climbing or sky diving (both are extremely liberating), fear of being judged? Go sing karaoke somewhere, play your guitar or paint in a public center.

Side note: I was telling a new friend about a recent fear I’ve been having and as embarrassing as it is I was afraid of my closet at night. We have a pull up bar on the frame so the door is always opened, I don’t know why but when I pass it at night my body gets chills and my fear levels go up. One of the first things he said to me was, “Why don’t you just go in?”, Wait what?? Well actually what a great question. So when I got home I increased my vibration as high as I could, thought positive thoughts and brought as much love into my body as I could…then I stepped into the darkness. NOTHING HAPPENED, I didn’t get pulled into some freddy kruger nightmare nor did anything “scary” pop up in front of me. Why did/do I have this fear? I am not sure, but am hoping to figure it out through meditation someday soon. If you have any opinions on why, I would LOVE to hear them in the comments below! PS: After smudging my closet I have slept a lot better throughout the nights! 


7. 20 min (or longer) Meditation

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, relax your body, close your eyes and bring your attention towards your breath. Still your mind and focus on peace, tranquility and harmony and all good things.

This is not only cleansing for your mind, body & soul but immediately raises your vibrational levels. One is never the same after a meditation. Make it a routine to meditation daily if you can, the benefits are everlasting and assists you with changing your outlook on life. For more information on meditation and it’s benefits check out Empirical Evidence: Meditation Heals.


8. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Realize that you have the power to choose who is closest to you in your life. You will attract people who are similar to your personality, if you’re; lazy, ambitious, easily frustrated, patient, gossipers, or idea makers, that is who you will attract as well. By surrounding yourself with more positive harmonic people you are creating a positive lifestyle for yourself and those around you. Make sure not to bring gossip or feelings of negativity into your conversations. Complaining doesn’t help you but discussing how to make a situation better does. Have meaningful conversations with meaningful people.


9. Exercise

Any form of exercise (dancing, yoga, working out, walking or jogging, etc.) will promote healthy brainwave patterns, produce excellent circulation throughout your entire nervous system and create healthy neurotransmitter levels. This helps to increase your vibrational levels in many ways, try to sit on your couch watching TV as little as possible. In fact make it a point to go on a family walk when you get home from work, even if it’s just around the neighborhood. You are creating a special bond with your family, enjoying the fresh outdoors and taking care of your body! Learn how to Unplug and live a happy life here.


10. Keep your body clean

I am not saying to scrub yourself squeaky clean, but understand that what you put on and in your body can have a tremendous effect on your health and state of consciousness.

Having a healthy diet, detoxing, and choosing organic can fuel you mentally, physically and sometimes even spiritually whereas sugar, chemicals, tobacco, excess alcohol, and drugs can drain and do harm.
There are many other ways to increase your energy level, but these are some of the first steps I have taken. I am still working on some but for the most part it’s becoming an easier and easier routine to follow. I do hope that you are able to choose a few (or all) of these to start implementing in your daily lives!

Be sure to snap a photo & hashtag #omlivin of your yogi adventures! I would love to see your Spiritual side!

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Question of the Day:

What are some things you do to keep at a higher frequency or more positive mood? Let me know in the comments down below!

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