5 Reasons Why Yoga For Kids is Beneficial

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Namaste Readers,

Are you a practicing yogi looking to better your life through the path of yoga?

That’s awesome and I am so happy for you, however I think that you might be forgetting someone that is trying to walk this path with you.

We are all aware of the benefits yoga can have for us adults, but have we ever stopped to think about the benefits that it could have on our children? I compiled a small list of reasons why yoga is beneficial for your little ones & hope that this inspires you to invite your tiny mini mes to the mat next time you practice.

5 Reasons Why Yoga For Kids is Beneficial

Of course any exercise practice is great for an individual no matter what size they are. The thing I love about yoga is that it teaches much more than just how to move & bend your body.

Yoga helps to create a healthy lifestyle and healthy daily habits that we can take with us throughout our lives as well as creating a stronger connection to our spiritual side, no matter what religion you practice, yoga can help you connect with it. Yoga can also be used to help your little ones develop healthier eating habits, such as choosing a delicious berry smoothie instead of snacks packed with processed sugars and artificial flavors.

Why is this?

Because yoga teaches you to take care of your body, mind, and soul through discipline.

Learn more benefits that yoga can have on your little yogis-to-be down below & if you have any to add, I would love to hear them in the comments!

5 Reasons Why Yoga For Kids is Beneficial

Boredom Annihilator :

Yoga is one activity you can do almost anywhere (trust me I’ve seen plenty of instagram photos that prove this point!). If Ava ever comes up to me telling me that she is bored, yoga is always on my list of suggestions to relieve her of this “horrible tragedy” that she is suffering from. With yoga we can have fun pretending to be different animals or pieces of nature. Yoga doesn’t always have to be serious and thats one thing that Ava loves about it, not only are we stretching our bodies, but we are doing so as a cobra reaching up towards the nice warm sun.

Focus :

This goes hand in hand with the boredom aspect, as children now days seem to have such short attention spans. Yoga can help to teach your children to be in the present moment and to really focus on their life force, or breath. Unplugging for a while and focusing on their little bodies does wonders for them. Creating a great breathing habit at such a young age is a wonderful gift to have and will benefit them throughout their life, especially during difficult situations. They are also able to focus on the way they can move and flow with the asanas, which in turn teach them about the way their bodies work and how to focus on the balance and strength they possess.

Calmness :

Frustration is an emotion that children suffer from on almost a daily basis. Not quite understanding the social norms or the ways of the world just yet and don’t fully understand why they can’t be themselves in every situation. Getting on the mat helps them to escape from the daily stress, just as it helps us to escape from our daily stresses. The mat also has us concentrating and focusing on our breath, inner stillness, outer stillness, and how to be relaxed and at peace. Focusing the mind on the mat also helps them to focus the mind off the mat and work through their frustrations in a calm manner. Of course, they also watch how you are working through your frustrations soooo hopefully you are able to use your energy to focus and work through your problems in a similar way.

Connection :

Yoga helps to teach acceptance in not only themselves but in those around them. Understanding that every sentient being is somehow connected to each other helps them to see the light in everything and create a more peaceful surrounding. There is also a sense of self-awareness and what they are capable of. Learning that the way they think can affect their whole day and the days of those around them is an amazing thing (for them and us!). Creating a more positive attitude towards themselves and others will bring more light into their world and in turn a light into those that surround them.

Self love :

Practicing the asanas can help a child to really love their bodies and see what they can do with them. With this self love and proper education, comes the healthy eating habits I mentioned earlier. Creating this love for themselves at such a young age will help to shield self-esteem problems that society has created on young adults and heck even older adults. Loving their bodies just the way they are and creating positive exercise & eating routines and habits will show to be very beneficial as they grow.

Enlighten Yourself

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."


Hi I'm Ashleigh & I am on a mission to live a more peaceful harmonic lifestyle, whether it be through attachment parenting, plant based eating, up cycling or meditation. Come join me & start your path towards enlightenment & better living!

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As your children continue to practice yoga remember that they are also creating a bond with you. Always be mindful of the way you’re living your life on and off the mat, because your little one is watching you nonstop. When you have self-love it is easier for them to also accept themselves just the way they are. When you try to be positive in all of life’s situations, they believe they too have the strength to be positive.

We live in a world where more and more people are suffering from depression, self-hate, and other mental & physical health issues. My daughter will not be one of those statistics. I want to show her how to love her body and how to control it. I don’t want her to develop eating problems in high school (even though she will be homeschooled) because someone says thats the way to be beautiful. My child will learn the proper techniques to handle anxiety through relaxation, focus, and yoga (for more natural ways to cope with stress and anxiety check out these two posts: natural | herbal). 

5 Reasons Why Yoga For Kids is Beneficial

Question of the Day:

Does your little enjoy practicing yoga with you? What’s their favorite asana or pose? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

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