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Merry Meet,

I am Ashleigh Nicole & thanks for stopping by! My mission here at Om Livin’ is to normalize healthy families, peacefully & sustainably! Come join my family: Shane, Ava, & introducing baby Luna {featured in belly on image to the right} on the path towards good health & true happiness!

Why Om Livin’

I have traveled many paths to get to where I am today & I am grateful for each & everyone of them, for they have taught me lessons in life that are worth learning. 

I was always a huge earth friendly person as a child & soon learned that the word for that was hippie. However many of my other choices in life were not so friendly on myself or as it turns out my precious planet. My diet & daily routine was that of a slightly below average westerner. Very little exercise, horrible diet, & no daily spiritual practice.

My journey towards health, however, started when I was a college student. I watched a few Netflix documentaries and read way too many studies backing up the benefits of a plant based diet & pretty much became vegetarian almost overnight!  Having a vegetarian diet does wonders for not only our bodies but for our beautiful mother earth as well! Buying local & organic as much as possible are a few other ways to help out both the planet & your health. Being healthy wasn’t just about eating the right foods, exercise was also a factor & I was tired of running on a line of treadmills staring at a television screen for an hour & 30 minutes, especially when I’m not interested with whats on tvs. I wanted to become involved with an activity that would benefit me in multiple ways, which lead me to a yoga practice & immediately started seeing results. I also started to enjoy meditating, which has been proven to help the mind & soul! With just a simple change in my diet and exercise habits I was able to really able to start feeling good about myself, inside & out!

After starting to go down this very deep & infinite rabbit hole, I quickly realized that we are a generation of consumers. We love to buy stuff, doesn’t matter really what it is if it’s on sale most people are going to buy it. However, with the over consumption only results in stress. One of the best ways to help out our beautiful planet is by crafting & DIY projects & to stop consuming as much. Recycling & Upcycling anything you can!! Make new clothes out of old ones, find the beauty in an old worn out dresser & put some sweat into making it how YOU want it to look! Stop relying on big companies to make everything for you. The less you buy from them the more custom your life will become…not that cookie cutter shape/color/trend that they want you to buy. But also learn that simplicity is a key factor to everyday health, if you don’t need it or it no longer serves you, donate it or resell it. *I also want to mention the buying organic, fair trade, and eco friendly are not only better for you, but the planet & our species as well. 

A year and a half later I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. I wanted to raise this little being the best way that I knew how & that involved a mixture of conscious/gentle, attachment, & crunchy parenting. It started with the natural water birth and went straight into breastfeeding. We used cloth diapers & most importantly resorted to peaceful actions when she started to hit. Going the gentle parenting route can sometimes get difficult but at the same time I know it’s worth it & that this is truly how I want to raise my children.

Of course with the starting of a family & now three Squires to care for, I started taking this health stuff a little more seriously. First step? …getting rid of all the toxic products in our home and replacing them with my own homemade versions such as laundry detergent or searching out organic & safe products. I quickly learned that I could clean my whole home using less than 5 ingredients!! I recently just started getting into learning more about beauty products & have been very pleased with them, especially my hibiscus rose therapeutic bath salts!! With the elimination of literally millions of daily chemicals your body will be starting to show you a huge difference and your home will start giving you a cleaner respiratory system!

Herbs have become a very dear subject to me because of all the things you can do with them, medicinally, cleaning, beauty, & even spiritually! They have been used since the beginning of time and have been used in many cultures around the world. Starting my herb garden was one of the best things I could have done for my family, as we are able to enjoy the beauty that they give to the world as well as use them for a numerous of daily activities. I hope to give you the same joy in this subject throughout my posts!

Last but not least, I want to talk about nature. I want to start a trend where families spend more time with nature and experiencing all that this beautiful planet has to offer. Camping, hiking, wild crafting, scavenger hunts. I really began my true spiritual journey through this practice and can tell you that it has helped me in ways I never would have imagined. I think that it’s very important that we give children a sense of adventure as well as an organic playground to grow & play. I hope to go more into this topic in my posts but for now, just know that nature has what you’re looking for!!

What I want from Om Livin’

I want Om Livin to become a successful community for families wanting to live more peaceful & sustainable lifestyles. I want to be part of the reason that our species evolves by becoming more self sustainable, less materialistic & more involved to help take care of our one and only planet & our bodies inside & out!

Meditation Mondays
I want to help awaken people. I want to open their eyes to a less stressful culture. Living with less stuff & more feeling!! I want to introduce yoga to those that are curious & for those that are wanting to learn more! I want to teach someone to slow down & breathe! I want to see people smiling during Bakasana. Having a stress free lifestyle aids in how we react to everyday situations & people. Living with more positive energy will no doubt spread fast towards others. My hope is for others to interact & share their knowledge as well as ask questions.

Tasty Tuesday
I want to show delicious meals to people googling what to eat! I aspire to teach others how to make healthy plant based meals that are alternatives to the basic Western diet. I want to share with people how amazing food can be & that with the right diet you can heal yourself. I also hope people will start to question their food source and understand what it’s doing to our planet & our bodies! Make people conscious of factory farming and help them understand that they matter & can change how it is! I want to encourage people to garden & buy local, organic & fresh as much as possible. I want people to stop counting calories & start counting ingredients!

Wholesome Wednesday
I hope to teach another form of health to the public, holistic health. I want to decrease the amount of pills people are taking and increase the days in-between doctor visits. Teaching others about herbs, spices & plants that heal you from the inside out! Why your body is feeling a certain way, why your mind is thinking a certain way & how to stop it from happening are also things I want to enlighten you on. Our bodies are sick & we need the right information to teach us how to make it better naturally & efficiently. By naturally healing ourselves we will be able to heal our planet as well.

Thrifty Thursday
I want to excite women to make things themselves! By motivating & inspiring them to upcycle as much as possible. I want her to look at that empty cereal box, toilet paper roll or old tee shirt & say “This isn’t trash, I am going to make something with this!”. I want to help people realize how much stuff they throw away each year & that by recycling or donating as much as possible they could really truly help this planet, as well as their wallet! I also aspire to teach women how to knit, crochet, sew and so on for themselves. 

Family Friday
I want to encourage mothers, fathers, strangers & family members to accept & support a more nurturing type of parenting. People not to look twice because a mother is breastfeeding her two year old. Mothers to question the status quo & to research as much as they can. I want to inform parents on what attachment parenting is, what it’s like & how they can live being a more conscious parent. Our children are the future, lets really focus on the way we raise them, “it only takes one generation of gentle parents to change the way the world thinks”. I also want to focus on Motherhood, finding a tribe of women to help & support you on your journey through this amazing gift.

Sustainable Saturday
Creating less trash & showing more innovation towards a sustainable lifestyle is the only way to restore our planet. By showing a more nature friendly lifestyle to readers, my ideas will spread to others {hopefully quickly}. I want to show women that they can clean their whole house with less than 5 ingredients & not one of them being a harsh and dangerous chemical. Or providing homemade alternatives to their everyday skin care routine. Giving recipes for natural, homemade bug repellants, soaps, shampoos, hair treatments & so much more is a great way to a healthy body, mind, spirit, & planet!

More About Ashleigh

-Mother, Yogi, Vegetarian, Crafter, Health Enthusiast, Blogger

I am a wife to a wonderful hardworking man & the mother to two amazing little wildlings! I am lucky enough to say that I have my dream job, I get to be a stay at home mom! I take full advantage of being a stay at home mom, in the sense that I spend numerous hours researching what is best for my family, in every aspect of our lives & playing as much as I can with my little girls. I am a huge fan of yoga, but not a fan of running. I love camping and spending time outdoors with my family and close friends. I love love love cooking, and my vegetarian ventures has led me to become certified in Culinary RX and have plans to become certified as a Plant Based Professional Chef someday soon. When I am not in the kitchen, backyard, or Ava’s playroom I am typically seen in my she shed, working on a crafting project or repurposing some item I have secretly started hoarding.

I started this blog in hopes to help educate mothers to take charge of their family’s lifestyle & change it for the better. I truly believe that living a peaceful & sustainable lifestyle is the only way to help advance mankind while providing a better environment for our children and our children’s children. This blog is not only for moms but the individual as well. You may think that I am a hippie and trust me …I am!

But I have to ask,

why is that a bad thing?

I want the earth I live on to be a better place for my daughters. I want this planet to stop suffering at the expense of our need for materialistic items. I love that my view is becoming more and more widespread & if you are on my blog, I hope that your views are the same as well! So Please join my little community on here to question, share & learn, you my friend are on your way towards enlightenment!


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