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So far We have talked about our RootSacral & Solar Plexus chakras, today I want to talk about our Anahata or Heart Chakra.


Cobra pose for the heart chakra

This vector is another simple one, however it’s bold in it’s statement. I hope that you enjoy it & receive a feeling of peace, unity & inner strength from it.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Weekly Asanas: Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana):

This is your fourth energy center & is located in the center of the chest, hence why it’s called your heart chakra. This chakra is associated with the color green and it’s function is love, compassion & forgiveness.

You want to meditate on the phrase “I LOVE”… what a nice thing to meditate on huh?? just love…ahhh it’s so beautiful. You want to feel love & compassion towards all things…at all times. Now this chakra differs from our Sacral chakra, which feel love as a desire, we are not connecting to all things sexually. This chakra connects you to a better understanding of spiritual love, compassion & universal oneness.

When this chakra is opened & balanced, you have a deeper connection to those that surround you. You have a feeling of peace knowing how you fit in in this universe & planet. However, if your chakra is off balance, you can get feelings of loneliness which can lead to depression or paranoia. Asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease & lung disease are all physical problems that can occur if your heart chakra is off.

Cobra pose for the heart chakra

Now on to our pose, Cobra or Bhujangasana, ahhh…a most favorite pose!!! This pose is great for those who suffer from lower back pain. Not only does this pose improve your posture, strengthen the back as well as the vertebrae…this pose helps to get your circulation flowing {thanks to your spine for allowing more blood flow}.

This pose helps to flow blood through your heart, kidneys & helps strengthen your uterus {providing that you have one}. While also stretching your chest, abdomen & shoulders, you will also get a feeling of increased body temperature. According to traditional texts, Bhujangasana is known to help awaken the kundalini!

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Chakras are such a beautiful topic to talk about, I decided to make my very first Vlog video about them! Please do enjoy this quick intro into the Chakras, have anything to add? Be sure to leave a comment for the community and myself! 🙂

PS: sorry I pronounce “chakras” super texan lol. 


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