Anti-Aging Benefits Of Yoga

Jul 25, 2016 | Yoga, Yoga & Meditation

Namaste Readers,

Aging is something that happens to everyone, that’s just the circle of life. Sure there are plenty of ways to hide the fact that you’re 45 instead of 35 but most of those tricks are done under a knife, needle, or some other procedure that I have NO interest in putting my body through. Not to mention most of those are only efficient if done routinely.
How about I share with you a secret that will help you to slow down the aging process through yoga, not only with the asanas but all of yoga’s 8 limbs. By developing a daily yoga routine you can count on slowing down the looks of your aging and the mental aspect of aging as well, which is really my main priority. I always wish to remain young at heart and mind!

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Anti Aging Benefits of Yoga

Anti-Aging Benefits Of Yoga


  • Breathing is something we constantly do until the moment our souls depart from this beautiful planet. However many of us put our breath on autopilot and let it do its thing. With yoga, you tend to slow down and really focus on your breath. Your inhales, your exhales, your pauses….all connect into a flow with your asanas or through meditation. When we tune into our breathing pattern we are able to increase our airflow and everything that each breath does for our body. Focusing on the breath is also a destresser which is great for anti-aging. Stay tuned because you can guarantee that I will have a post just on the breath alone one of these days!

Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana

  • Focusing inward through meditation helps your mind to be at peace and really if you think about it, a peaceful mind is a youthful mind. How much stress did we have on ourself when we were younger?? Our minds were full of wonder and peace because thats really all we knew at that time. Keep your mind still and focused and it will be with you until your dying day.


  • This is what most people think of when they think of yoga. The bends, the twists, the “what the heck are they doing?” poses… these are all great for your physical body.
    • The Twists : help to improve and stimulate your digestive system. Which can help out with many symptoms people are living with today, instead of popping a pill for those cramps why don’t you do some yoga and drink some water. Helping to ensure you have a balanced digestive system will help with many aging problems, as well as many current problems. Creating a flexible spine is also very important as you are lengthening the spine and improving nerve transmission to the nerves and essentially everything in your body.
    • Balance : With balance poses your brain and body is working together to help keep you sharp and still. A very important skill to develop over time, as our bodies slowly stop working as well with age when we don’t practice what we have now, we might loose it later in life.
    • Flexibility : This is an important one for those who are starting to see the results of aging. There is less you can do with your body and most of it hurts. By creating a flexible body, your stiffness will soon be a thing of the past. Let yourself become loose through yoga.
    • Strength : Strength is something that takes time to build up but is 100% worth it. With stronger muscles we can help to protect our bodies of age related injuries such as fractures. Plus who wouldn’t want to see a grandma out plank you??? Yoga helps to maintain your strength through slow movements using your core muscles instead of something heavy that you could drop if you outdo yourself.

Niyamas & Yamas

  • A great way to live a fulfilling life is to not only take care of yourself, but to take care of others as well. Always be kind…to yourself, love YOU and who you are, not what people want you to be but what you are right now. You are a beautiful creature and so are all the beings around you. Live life as positive as you can and forget all the stress…remember that is a huge impact on our aging process. This is your life, and if you mess up its ok, we are all going to die one day anyways, so how big of a deal is it really to let it go and keep on being happy?

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What the yoga path teaches us is so much more than just the asanas, it teaches us a way of life and if we follow that path, it will help to keep our bodies as young as possible for as long as possible. Always work at your own pace and never push anything, because once again that causes stress which is the opposite of what we are trying to do here. And if you’re 45 and hate the way you look, I want you to go to the closest mirror and just look at yourself.

Your journey you traveled…

your hair….

your face and your eyes…

Love every bit of it because thats all you, you are a beautiful creature no matter how old you look and the more happiness & light you put into your life, the more others will see it as well.


Question of the Day:

Have you ever thought of practicing yoga to help slow down the aging process? Let me know down below in the comments!

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Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

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  1. Annette H. Rizer

    Wow! This is a wonderful post..You have covered amazing things throughout the post. I just loved reading it. Keep Sharing!

    • Ashleigh Nicole

      Thank you so very much. I hope to start writing about yoga again soon….I just had my second little in november so am slowly getting back into it! <3


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