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Baby Sign Language

Outdoor Signs – Baby Sign Language 

Hope everyone has had great week so far! Today I am going to share with you a fun little adventure Ava & I had with some new friends. A few months ago I wrote a post encouraging parents to give baby sign language a try. I posted a short little video consisting of ten important signs for babies to start out with. Well the next day I was contacted, via twitter, by a lady associated with Baby Sign Language, being that my blog isn’t a main stream blog {yet anyways} I was ecstatic that someone was interested in something that I wrote.

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”

-Flora Lewis

Mey, wanted to get together to make a video of Ava doing some outdoor sign language. So now I was even more ecstatic! We decided to meet at the Dallas Arboretum and I was given a few signs that would be cute to know {bug, butterfly, dirt, flower, tree…etc}. It did take us a bit for each of our schedules to sync up but we finally were able to set a date, May 14th.


So during our daily walks, I would start pointing out every tree, every flower, every plant & almost every bug in sign language. Ava was loving it! I was excited to see how quickly she was going to start picking up these new words. Well she started signing flower, plant, bug and dirt about a few days before our meeting. Awesome! The funny thing was, though, she did not sign any of those signs while on camera.
baby sign language

At first, I felt super embarrassed that she wasn’t signing. However, Wes & Mey were more than understanding. They knew Ava was out of her element and had no idea that she was suppose to “perform”. Mey was so kind to have given us the baby sign language starter kit and Ava signed some words that she knew from there.

Baby sign language outdoor signs

We had lunch at their restaurant and holy cow, it was delicious! I enjoyed this lunch very much, I got to chat and learn about each of these two amazing individuals as well as drink some very flavorful black coffee! yum!

Wes, was the videographer and has two children; a little boy around Ava’s age and an older girl that I believe is around 8ish. He and his wife are vegans and his wife was thinking about starting a blog. Not only does he do some of the videography for, but he also does the cute little images on the flash cards {& on their site}.

Mey, lives on a beautiful little piece of property located, in my opinion, the perfect distance away from the city. She is a bee keeper, has two masters, did culinary school and designs beautiful desserts! Learning more about her really inspired me to seize the day more! Carpe Diem!!! She has accomplished a lot and is also such a giving and kind woman. I also learned that she was involved with another web site that is teaching children to read and write. Again, very giving and loving.
Mey from baby sign language dot com
 After lunch, we tried to catch Ava signing some more near a very inviting water feature. Ava loved it and was running up and down trying to get in. Luckily mommy was quicker than her. At the end of our get together, I was interviewed. Let me just tell you before you watch the video, that this was my first ever interview on camera. I was nervous, and trying to say things that sounded awesome in my head and ended up talking too fast causing me to stumble on a few questions. Hopefully I learn to handle interviews a little more gracefully next time!

Ashleigh Interview 27052014 from Baby Sign Language on Vimeo.


This afternoon meeting subsequently motivated me to communicate more with my darling Ava through sign language. She knows all the words/signs that was in the flash card set {included in the Baby Sign Language Starter Kit}. We know all kinds of foods and animals as well, I enjoy learning with her. And now for some pictures Wes took of Ava & I!

Baby Sign Language Outdoor signs

Well that’s all I have for today’s Family Friday. Thanks for reading & be sure to snuggle extra long with your littles!!

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Question of the Day
Do/Did you teach your little baby sign language? What do you think of it?

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This post is a part of the Baby Sign Language Series:

Baby Sign Language

Outdoor Signs – Baby Sign Language 

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