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Next Monday (June 20th) is the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the Full Moon will be in, my sign, Capricorn so this day will be packed with light! To those of you that aren’t aware of the summer solstice’s meaning; it is the longest day of the year and also marks the beginning of summer. And with the full moon the sun is able to give us even more of it’s radiant light through the evening! How beautiful is that??

For the Summer Solstice I want you to take time with yourself as well as with your loved ones to celebrate this special occasion. I will be posting a Summer Solstice post each day this week to help you get prepared for next Monday (Recipes, Holistic Health Tip, Craft, Family Activity and even a DIY beauty ritual), I really hope that you can celebrate the light with us!

For today’s Meditation Monday Summer Solstice post, I thought that it would be best to have a few Heart Chakra openers as well as a nice little meditation afterwards. Please enjoy…. 

Celebrating Summer Solstice through Yoga & Meditation


Your Heart Chakra or Anahata, is the fourth energy center and is in the center of our chakra system, with our 3 lower chakras connecting us to our bodies and our 3 upper chakras connecting us to spirit, the heart rests perfectly in the middle.

This chakra is all about love, compassion and forgiveness to not only those that are in your life, but for yourself as well! In order to have a better understanding of spiritual love, you need to have a balanced or open chakra! If your heart chakra is blocked or imbalanced, you may suffer feelings of loneliness, depression and other emotional instabilities, high blood pressure (most likely due to stress), and even heart and lung disease. You may even be unable to express love or feel loved.

The best yoga poses to open your heart chakra are going to be those that open the chest of course, this helps you draw energy towards the heart and really get that feeling of love! Shoulder openers, backbends and other poses can also be found to open your heart chakra. Surrender to your poses, trust your body, and let go of all fears holding you back.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Great for improving posture, strengthens the back, vertebrae, shoulders, and (if you have one) your uterus. Along with allowing circulation to flow more properly (especially to your heart and kidneys), this pose also directs your prana to flow straight to the heart, and according to traditional texts, Cobra pose is known to help awaken the kundalini!

Camel Pose (Ushtrasana)

This pose stretches the abdomen, chest, throat, back…and hey it’s even a hip flexor. While in Camel pose you may feel a sense of vulnerability due to its enormous chest opening ability. Go with the flow, let your prana flow towards the heart and let go of all feeling of negativity while opening up to love.

Forward Bend Pose (Uttanasana)

This is a popular pose, that opens up the spine, which stimulates the nervous system and clears blockages. Allow your heart to be opened from all directions, especially your back as you rest in forward bend pose. In life we receive love from all directions and it’s important to be aware and open to receiving this love!

Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

I always feel like a goddess in this pose! Feelings of self love, creativity and compassion always fill me up as I rest in Supta Buddha Konasana. This pose improves general circulation, stimulates abdominal organs & the heart, as well as stretches the inner thighs & groins. *Take caution & consult your health practitioner if you have recently suffered a groin or knee injury.

Meditation for the Summer Solstice

When you think of summer, you think of light, heat, and most likely a beach, am I right??

We can see that Fire is the element of the Sun and is something that I like to incorporate on this special day. You can do so with candles lit around your home throughout the day, or a bonfire with some herbs and wildflowers thrown in to enhance the smell and give a more welcoming essence.

  1. For this meditation, I like to have two candles lit or sit out in the trees or meadow so we can soak up the light as we continue to open our hearts.
  2. Now I want you to find a comfortable space and position and just breathe.
  3. Keep breathing and clear your mind…
  4. During this time start to reflect on this past year, we are now halfway through the year…what are some things that have occurred to you?
    • What were your goals for this year? Have you started or finished any of these?
    • Are those goals even in your interest right now? Are they true to the new you?
      1. If not, chose your goals for the remainder of the year, this is where you will want to put your life force towards…what is it going to be?
  5. What right now is weighing you down?
  6. Choose to release what is pulling you down, this causes negative energy and much much more energy than letting it go all together. Remember we are opening our heart chakras, choose feelings of happiness, forgiveness, and light.
  7. What right now is going great in your life?

Keep that feeling of happiness and empowerment as you have just now reflected on the year, sorted out your priorities and goals, as well as released any negative energy from your beautiful life. Go now and enjoy the rest of your Summer Solstice in peace & happiness!

Be sure to snap a photo & hashtag #omlivin of your yogi adventures! I would love to see your Spiritual side!

Celebrating Summer Solstice through Yoga & Meditation

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