Good Day fellow crafters,
So recently I was finally able to achieve a craft that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Many Texans might cringe when they see the step by step tutorial, but I enjoyed every minute of it! Oh yes, a good ol’ cowboy boots up-cycle project!! I am not the biggest fan of country music, nor am I the biggest fan of cowboy hats & boots, but these “boho boots” sure have changed my mind…about the boots anyways!

I found tutorials on pinterest and immediately fell in love with the look! I gathered a few belts, ribbons and lace remnants and stored them for future crafting. Well those boots sat in my future craft shelf for about 4 to 6 months untouched! With a growing toddler, I felt that all I was crafting anymore were bigger clothes and painting projects. However, now that we have moved into our new home, I was able to reorganize and move my craft room from the garage into an actual room (“excitement right here!”). As I was unpacking, I came across these stuffed boots and a bit of disappointment washed up. Being the determined woman that I am, I did not place them back on the future craft shelf, but on the do it this week shelf…(yea I have a crafting organization problem)…So without further ado lets get started on this amazingly simple project!!

DIY Boho Boots


  • leather cowboy boots
  • belts
  • lace
  • buttons
  • chains
  • random materials (t-shirts, old scarves, fur, feathers etc)
  • diamond studs
  • jewelry glue or super glue
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • optional: e6000
  • scissors


  1. So first you want to cut your boot where the back crease is. I cut mine down up to an inch away from the heel material. (see picture above)
  2. Next you’re going to fold your boots down and creating a nice even top on each boot.
  3. To help keep the boot sides from “flying” out, put your belt on first. Wrap it around semi tightly. Once positioned where you want it go a head and hot glue it on.
  4. I added a small lace at the top as well as outlining the original top of the boot. (see picture below) 
  5. This is really your imagination and creativity at work right here. Just remember to position before you glue as much as possible. Also remember this is suppose to be fun and boho looking, messy can be good sometimes! 
  6. Glue buttons in opened spots, such as where the belts are criss crossing or over any awkward spots.
  7. Using the jewelry glue and tweezers, add your diamond studs on the design of the boot near the toes. Again use as much or as little as you want. I used the corners of the design to add my studs on.

This really was a simple project, the longest part for me was the filming and picture taking! Ava was not having a good day today so there were a bunch of pauses throughout the process. But now since she has seen the finished product, she is making sure I know they are hers! Looks like there will be a mini boho boot edition soon!

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Question of the Day:
Have you ever up-cycled shoes? What was your experience?
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How does yours look? What materials did you end up using? I would love to see pictures on Facebook or Google+, or feel free to hashtag #omlivin on instagram so I can see! 😀
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Ashleigh is a stay at home mom who enjoys blogging about balancing the mind through meditation and conscious parenting, the body through plant based eating and yoga, and the soul through up cycling and sustainability. Keep your life balanced & subscribe to her weekly emails, like OmLivin’ on FB or check her out on Google+ for more.

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