How to Make a Smudge Fan DIY Tutorial

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Good Day fellow crafters,

So I noticed that my three part series on Smudging have become pretty popular and decided to write another post for those of you that are interested in smudging and all that it can bless you with. Today I want to show you a quick tutorial on how to create your very own smudge fan!

With my Native American ancestry, I have a strong affection for smudging and it’s purification qualities that I believe come with this ancient ritual or ceremony. But smudging has also been known to be present in Catholic masses, Hindu & Buddhist cultures as well as a few other religions all for the sake of purifying and bringing positivity into our lives.

With smudging comes smoke from the herbs that you set flame to and with this smoke it is believed to purify the person, object, or space and release from all negative energy.

DIY Smudging fan tutorial

Smudge fans have also been referred to as prayer fans and are helpful in your smudging ceremony, because you are able to move the smoke around in the direction you wish with much ease.

Since I have started using fans, I feel a bit more authentic in my ritual and am able to have clearer intentions of positivity and love. Smudge fans can come in all shapes and sizes, can come with 1,3 or many feathers and can be decorated with special symbols that have a special meaning to you and your smudging purposes.

Plus, these fans make for great decoration when not in use!

DIY Smudging fan tutorial

This post for some reason is experiencing a loss in it’s tutorial due to the plug in I use. Please be patient as I work hard at retrieving my backup and updating this post. Thank you very much! 

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Be sure to snap a photo & hashtag #omlivin during or after making this tutorial! I would love to know how it turned out for you!

Although I am vegetarian, I did use buckskin for my leather, as in Native American tradition, every part of a sacrificed animal was put to use. While creating this fan I did pray and thank the animal for it’s sacrifice and wished to release all negative energy from the product, my prayer was in hopes that this buckskin would help to bring in and create positive energy for the life of the fan.

I also went on a nature walk to find the perfect piece of wood for my handle, and on my way I cam across a small bird feather standing up in the ground. Just your average looking feather, but the way it was presented to me made it seem like it was a sign to use this in my fan as well. I also blessed these with good intentions and positivity.

When picking out your materials, be sure to pick the items that speak to you the most! This will be used in your sacred ceremony and be taking on your vibrations, pick only positive things for you!


Question of the Day:

Have you made your very own smudging fan before or is this whole smudging concept new to you? Let me know in the comments down below!

See super simple! How does it look? What colors did you end up using? I would love to see pictures on Instagram or Google+, use the hashtag #omlivin so the Om Livin’ community can see! Feel free to post any questions or ideas on below in the comments or via social media as well! Be sure to come back on Thursdays for more thrifty tutorials! Or don’t forget that you can always subscribe to get weekly posts in your inbox! As always, thank you for reading today’s post, I hope this project fits well in your home & fills you with pride knowing that YOU were the one made it!


Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

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