DIY Toilet Paper Roll – Woodland Monsters Fall Craft (for Children & Toddlers)

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Good Day fellow crafters,

We have seriously had the most perfect weather this past two weeks and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Ava and I all morning getting our fall clothes out from the attic and putting our summer clothes away. It was a fun little activity for us both and I enjoyed pulling out my nice comfy sweaters and placing them in my closet! “Ah…sweater season has begun” I kept thinking!

I have also put my sewing machine in hibernation mode and pulled out all my needles and hooks for some fun knitting and crochet projects. Check out my instagram to view some of my crafts. Most are patterns I’ve bought so unfortunately I cannot share with you the patterns, but I highly recommend checking out The Velvet Acorn out on Etsy, I have been going crazy on making her patterns. I love that she provides sizes for toddlers, children, young adults, and adults….so Ava and I can match! 🙂 

DIY toilet paper roll woodland monsters fall craft

Any who, after getting our summer clothes put up in the attic we decide to go on a fun nature walk to gather some findings of fall. We found some red leaves, crunchy leaves, a ton of sticks (the windy weather has been making a ton of smaller branches fall in our neighborhood) and of course fun little acorns and pecans. 

We stopped by and said hi to our neighborhood horses, which is always Ava’s favorite part. Unfortunately we didn’t have any carrots or celery for them today so they didn’t stay with us for long. 

When we got home Ava had really wanted to make these little leaf people she saw on pinterest last week and of course we have way too many toilet paper rolls stocked up in the craft room that I’m needing to get rid of soooooo, we decided to make some little woodland monsters instead of people….mainly because we loved putting a ton of eyeballs on them! 

DIY toilet paper roll woodland monsters fall craft
DIY Toilet Paper Roll - Woodland Monsters Fall Craft
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DIY toilet paper roll woodland monsters fall craft

I know that this craft is pretty self explanatory but it was so much fun making with Ava. She really liked my funny angry one I made. But in the end, he turned out to be a pretty nice monster…he was just very very hungry! lol

I hope that you too enjoy this craft with your little(s) this fall season and explore your neighborhood to find all the fun fall items nature is starting to provide us! 🙂 

DIY toilet paper roll woodland monsters fall craft

Question of the Day:

What is the one nature item your neighborhood has plenty of? Acorns? Pecans? Leaves? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

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