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Lately I have been on a clutter free kick, I rented a wonderful book at the library that explains the spiritual side of decluttering all aspects of your life and it really resonated with me. I have transformed our tiny home into a simplistic living space for the three of us.

Unlike most females, my first place to declutter is always the closet. I have never been a big fan of excess clothing. However, I am one to hoard most of those clothes in my crafting closet for future crafts!! Opps! Well to help me out with that, I have decided to make a ton of skirts for Ava made from our t-shirts. Just like Ava’s upcycled ruffle pants I really enjoy making clothing for her using Shane’s boyish t-shirts. It’s just something with a little girl in badass clothing that makes me a proud mama!

This tutorial will literally be the easiest sewing tutorial I’ll ever post on here! You cannot get any easier than this!! So lets get started!!!

DIY Upcycled Square Skirt Tutorial


  • T-shirt
  • scissors
  • elastic (1 inch thick)
  • sewing machine with thread
1. Lay your shirt down flat and cut where the lines are, you will end up with two squares of fabric (feel free to use two different shirts for different colors if desired). Make sure to have clean cuts, go back and trim a little if you must.

2. With both shirts right side down, fold fabric in half then once more to create a smaller square.

3. Now you need to measure your child’s waist, Ava is roughly 18 inches around. Save that number

4. On to the fun part…the math! Now that we have the circumference lets figure out how much we are going to need to cut on our fabric. Remember how your 7th grade math teacher told you that you were going to need to learn all that information for daily (adult) use?? Well here is a great time to use it!!! Take your waist number (18 for Ava) and divide that by 3.14/pi. I got 5.73…now just go ahead and round that up to the nearest whole number, for me that is 6. Divide that by two to get the radius (3 for me). Now save that number!
5. Go back to your folded square. Grab the corner with the main folds (which if opened would be the center of the larger square) Now measure your radius number down each side and mark. See picture below for better understanding….
6. Time to cut, creating a small arch, cut from one side to the other. Open up and you’ve got your circle.
7. Move the top layer 90° CW. Sew the two layers together around the open circle, then trim excess fabric.
7. Grab your elastic and measure out 2 inches or so shorter than your child’s waist size and cut!
8. Using the stretch zig-zag stitch, sew your elastic onto your right side up fabric. Then adjusting your stitch length and width to a smaller number, sew the two elastic ends together.
9. There you go, a beautifully recycled skirt for your little one!!!
Super simple project. I ended up making a ton of these for Ava, since she is not a dress kinda girl. The best part about these skirts is no hemming is required since it’s knit fabric! Can’t get much better than that ladies! I do hope that you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think in the comments down below!!

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Question of the Day:
Can you think of a special shirt to make into a skirt for your little one?
❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤

I would love to see pictures on Facebook or Google+, or feel free to hashtag #omlivin on instagram so I can see! 😀
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