Good Day fellow crafters,
Wow, I have to tell you that these guys are Ava’s favorite thing right now! I think partly because she helped make them and partly because they are so darn cute on her nature table! They love to explore the table and get into mischief…just like her. I have seen some beautiful Waldorf peg dolls on etsy, with  hand embroidered cloaks, beautiful moss hair and much more. But our little peg family is just as fun and beautiful. The best part was that I finished this craft in less than 10 minutes!! Now when I saw Ava helped, what I really mean is that she had an unplugged hot glue gun and picked out the acorn caps and felt colors! But that is still helping! Like I said, this was a super simple craft here is a short list of what you will need and how to accomplish this!  


  • Peg dolls
  • acorn caps
  • Felt (variety of colors)
  • tiny-small buttons
  • twine or yarn
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. First of lets assign a felt color to each doll & plug in glue gun. Lay your doll on a corner of the felt and cut the felt accordingly. I cut to the bottom of the doll then rolled with the felt and continued cutting until felt wrapped fully around doll. for the cloak: after cutting, fold in half and mark the middle. Next place the middle directly on the back of the peg doll and fold towards the front. Place markings about 1/4 inch on each side from the middle front. Cut from marking towards bottom corner, creating a triangle like shape (with a wide top) 2. Next using your hot glue, glue the felt ends and wrap around dolls. Use your twine or yarn to tie a belt on one or more of your dolls then glue your buttons however you wish, I made each doll a little different. 3. Next add some glue inside the acorn caps and press onto peg doll heads. 4. Let dry and you’re done!!

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Question of the Day:

What natural toys does your little one play with?


See super simple! How does it look? What colors did you end up using? I would love to see pictures on Facebook or Google+, or feel free to hashtag #omlivin on instagram so I can see! 😀 Don’t forget to come back on Thursdays for more “thrifty” tutorials! Or you could always subscribe to get weekly posts in your inbox! If you have any questions, ideas or just want to leave a picture of your project make sure to comment below! As always, thank you for reading today’s post, I hope this project fits well in your home & fills you with pride knowing that YOU were the one who not only made it, but upcycled in the process!

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