Good Day fellow crafters,

Our front yard has started accumulating fallen branches and twigs from our trees. Ava. and I have been painting most of these sticks but more recently we have started finding other ways to bring these sticks inside our home. After making a few stick candle holders I decided to bring an even bigger stick in to make a project.

I was able to finish this in one sitting and without pausing (for a mother to a toddler, this is pretty darn impressive). I really like how this project turned out and has increased the positivity in our living room.


  • 1 long stick
  • Cream Chunky Yarn
  • Brown Chunky Yarn
  • Yarn needle or large ballpoint needle


  1.  Cut 34 pieces of cream yarn 28-30 inches long.
  2. Fold in half and laying stick on top (near the folded half) loop your ends over the stick and through the folded half. Pull through to tighten and repeat for the rest of the yarn pieces (excluding 2 pieces).
  3. Make two cream yarn pom pom balls, one larger than the other.
  4. Attach each pom pom to a left over yarn string (there should be two leftover).
  5. Now using your brown yarn, wrap it around the top of the pom pom multiple times to create an acorn look (feel free to use a filler in the middle and hot glue to stay in place. I didn’t use either and they turned out fine. )
  6. I knotted the excess brow yarn to the cream yarn and tied to the stick.
  7. For the tassel: If you want to add a tassel to your wall hanging, tie the unused halves of the acorn cream yarns together, almost like braiding and add your mini tassel at the bottom of the braid.
  8. Straighten your yarn pieces out and cut at an angle. You can make any shape you’d like really. You can use tape or your hand to secure the yarn in place for an accurate cut.
  9. Tie some twine to the stick and hang

We hung ours near the front door so the light shines perfectly on it. As the world slowly dies, it’s a great time of year to get out the yarns and start creating. Knitting, crocheting and even wall hangings are all great things to make.

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Question of the Day:
How are you getting ready for the fall?
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See super simple! How does it look? What colors did you end up using? I would love to see pictures on Facebook or Google+, or feel free to hashtag #omlivin on instagram so I can see! 😀

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