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Hello my loving parents,

One of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that I get to watch all the curiosity and wonder on the face of my growing child. Each year she notices something new and exciting. It has been fun making up new activities each year to celebrate the coming of fall. Last year we filled a gratitude offering bowl together and this year I have a few more exciting projects for us to do.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share them here as I get them finished up! 

I figured that my first project would be to start a Fall quiet book for when we start traveling to visit friends and family for the upcoming holidays or even just to enjoy during our everyday trips…such as our weekly DART trips downtown to visit our Papa Bear at work and enjoy a family picnic. 

DIY fall apple tree quiet book activity

Quiet Books are a great tool to help little ones explore a new world in their own way, while also developing cognitive and sensory skills. There are some quiet book pages that provide sorting of numbers, colors and sizes, as well as buttons, knot tying and much more. 

This first page is obviously a very basic page with just an apple tree, red apples, and a basket for storing the harvest in. Even though it was basic, Ava enjoys playing with it on our trips. My goal is to have a whole book completed by middle of October since that’s when family events start slowly trickling in. 

Would you be interested in a pattern of the book? Let me know in the comments & Ill be sure to create them as I go. 🙂 


DIY fall apple tree quiet book activity

DIY Fall Apple Tree Quiet Book Activity

Draw your trunk, tree top, ground, apple and apple stems on a sheet of paper or on the felt itself and cut. Pin your pieces to the main page, which is blue for me and sew. 

I sewed the ground first, then trunk, then tree top. Also sew your stems to your apples. Using burlap, fold in half and sew onto the grass, I played around with my stitches but think in future pages, I’ll be more consistent with my stitches for a cleaner look. Ava wanted a cloud on her page so I used some stuffing and sewed the middle to the page…she likes to rub her hands and even face to the fluffy cloud haha. 

Next you will need a back page to sew your velcro handle to. I just sewed a small rectangle of velcro to the strip and measured out where it would fit best to close and sewed the other end of the velcro there. You don’t have to have velcro on both sides, but I feel like it will preserve the felt page longer…and you don’t need a handle if you plan on implementing this into a book obviously. 😉 Sew your back page or “next page” if doing a book together and boom you’re done. 

Allow your little ones to enjoy their fun new little activity! 


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Like I mentioned earlier, this is a great activity to help pass the time during car/transportation trips. I can’t wait to make a book next! Felt is fun to work with and I can’t wait to see Ava playing with each page.

DIY fall apple tree quiet book activity

Question of the Day:

 Do you enjoy quiet books, what are your favorite fall pages? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

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