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Many people use offering bowls as a symbol of their generosity, inspiration or to honor their specified deities such as The Buddha, Isis, or even Jesus The Christ. The offering bowl can be used in many ways but in the spirit of the holidays I figured that we would focus on gratitude and thankfulness to help remind us when things get a little too hectic during the busy seasons (be sure to check out 5 Mantras for Gratitude this Holiday Season for more on how to show gratitude and thankfulness).

As Ava gets older she is able to observe more and more details of everyday life. This time of year is when people start going a little crazy, they are constantly shopping or scouting for the next sale or deal for toys and gadgets to give to our loved ones. But what most people forget is that, those loved ones remember the time spent together much more than the presents they received.

I want Ava to grow up knowing that although it is nice to be thankful for material items we are given, there is so much more to be grateful in life. Health, friends and family, our home, a warm bed and… I think you get the point!

How to Fill A Gratitude Offering Bowl for Thanksgiving

Back to the gratitude bowls…

I wanted to fill it with items that reminded us of all those things mentioned above and have it sit in a place where we see it every day! There are many types of bowls you can use as your gratitude bowl, and since my beautiful moon goddess bowl is in the process of being shipped we decided to go with an earthward bowl for now.

How to Fill A Gratitude Offering Bowl for Thanksgiving

What to put in your gratitude bowl

  • The first thing that we put in our bowl is Himalayan Sea Salt to purify the space surrounding the bowl and to bring in positive energy.
  • Add a small smoky quartz to help repel negative energy surrounding your home and to ground you during this time of year. Remember what is and what is not important in the big picture.
  • Next I added dried Tarragon which is for unselfishness. This was a big one for us, because it’s important to be conscious of your selfishness during this time of year. Although your child didn’t get the toy they wanted, there are people out there just happy to have something to eat for the night. Priorities people!!
  • Another herb we added was dried Rosemary which represents blessing. We are so thankful for each and every blessing we receive.
  • After the herbs, each member of our family added something in that they are thankful for.
    • A love rock to represent the close ones in our lives
    • An acorn to represent the beautiful nature that surrounds us
    • Dried beans to represent the food that is on our plates each and every night.

After our bowl was filled we smudged it and set it on our dinner table! I am very sure in the next few weeks, I will be setting a cornucopia and a few other fall centerpieces around this beautiful bowl.

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Question of the Day:

What do you do to show thanks throughout this time of year? Let me know in the comments down below!

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