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Now that we have officially started autumn, I thought that this would be the perfect time to blog about my nature group that I’ve started! Although it’s still fairly new, it has had a big impact on Ava and the way she is starting to view outdoor play. I remember when she was first starting to walk we would take her to a wooded park with a great playground near our home and she would always adventure out into the grassy and wooded areas much more than the playground. However, now that she has this thirst for social interaction she has been choosing the playgrounds much more often than wooded areas. Don’t get me wrong, we still do plenty of nature time, but I wanted a way for Ava to play with others while out in nature.

Of course, my good friend from Rain or Shine Mamma wrote a post about 3 ways to get children outside. In her post she mentioned starting a nature club. Upon reading that paragraph a cord struck with me. I immediately started writing down ideas and plans to begin my very own nature group. I asked a few friends if they would be interested and also posted an invitation to my crunchy mom DFW Facebook group.

I do have to say that we have been getting pretty good turn outs. And everyone always looks forward to the next week’s meet up. So here are a few tips to help you host your very own nature group!

How to Host a Nature Group Meetup

1. Pick a day that goes well with your schedule and mark it on your calendar for the next 2-3 months!

2. Start a Facebook event and invite friends, moms from groups you’re in, maybe make flyers for the library or bookstores with the url for more information.

3. Find a park that is in the middle of everyone. Make sure there are walking trails (the more adventurous dirt trails not concrete). Have a easy meeting spot near the beginning of the trail.

4. Make a scavenger hunt list for the children. My list is geared more towards toddlers and is only 5 items but feel free to add more. Also have your children bring a little satchel or bag to hold the items in.

5. Once all “members” are present hand out your scavenger hunt list to the families and start your hike! Once you’re on the walking trail the children can start looking for their items and not feel rushed. One of the most important items that I always have on my lists is finding a piece of trash. At the end of our journey, I have all the littles properly dispose of their trash findings. Not only is this cleaning our parks but it is also teaching the little ones that trash doesn’t belong in nature and they have the power to remove it.

I have really enjoyed watching Ava and her little friends play with rocks, water, leaves and more! They have the opportunity to explore nature and learn from it. If you venture far enough you will even find some challenging obstacles for them to climb, jump over, swing or walk on. These obstacles are great for their confidence and motor skills, I mean a 35 month old walking on this fallen tree is pretty gnarly if I do say so myself! 🙂


Question of the Day: Have you joined a nature group yet?

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Well that’s all I have for today’s Family Friday, be sure to come back on fridays for more articles pertaining to family lifestyle and an alternative way of raising children. Don’t forget you can always subscribe to receive weekly emails in your inbox. Comments are always welcomed as well as opinions, please try to be open minded towards each other and remember we are all trying to do what’s best. We can only expand our knowledge to those who are willing to hear it. Be educated, be wise and be kind. Thanks for reading and be sure to snuggle extra long with your littles this weekend, they won’t be little for long ❤ ॐ❤!

Ashleigh is a stay at home mom who enjoys blogging about balancing the mind through meditation and conscious parenting, the body through plant based eating and yoga, and the soul through up cycling and sustainability. Keep your life balanced & subscribe to her weekly emails, like OmLivin’ on FB or check her out on Google+ for more.

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