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So in my earlier post I gave you an introduction to smudging (you can read it here). I wanted to go further into detail on how to preform a cleansing session on yourself or another person.

There are many reasons why you would want to smudge yourself, from healing rituals to spiritual ceremonies. Many of these traditions are adopted from the Native American culture, using sage as a sacred herb. Sage is the most common herb that is used in a smudge ritual and represents clarity, energy and chakra cleansing, increased intuition, spiritual awareness, and wisdom. Many people will smudge if they sense negative energy surrounding them.

how to properly smudge yourself

how to properly smudge yourself

How to Burn Sage

Please be sure to read this post for a better understanding prior to smudging.

  1. Gather your materials (herb stick, fireproof container, candle & lighter)
  2. Set your mini alter up on a table or where ever you’re doing your smudging ritual at.
  3. Set your intentions for the smudge (You can do this through a small meditation, mantra, prayer, chant or even thought) then light your candle.
  4. Repeat your intention while lighting your herb stick (buy online here) with the candles light. Make sure to light it well then slowly blow out the fire and let it continue to burn, while creating a purifying smoke.
  5. Place your herb bundle in your fireproof container, I use an abalone shell because I like to combine all the elements into my smudging rituals.
  6. Some people will use special feathers or fans (click here to see how to make your very own smudge fan) to help move the smoke in a specific direction, however, I find that a hand will do just fine.
  7. Now starting at the head, waft the smoke onto yourself or the person you are smudging and make your way down to the feet.
  8. Working clockwise (just as in smudging your own space) make sure to get the back of the body as well.
  9. The person who is being smudge needs to keep the intentions in their head or can say them aloud.
  10. Once smoke has cleansed the whole body, let the herb bundle extinguish or die out then blow the candle out.
  11. Some like to burn incense to complete the ritual, however I find the candle works in the same way. Also, be sure to open a window if doing the smudging inside so that all the negative energy may be released outside the home and given to the universe to exchange into positive loving energy. Your most popular herb choices for smudging a person would be:

Sage: Sage is the most popular among all other herbs due to it’s efficient cleansing properties. White sage is the most potent but there are many different varieties to choose from.

Cedar: Used as a purification and protective agent, cedar has been know to be bundled with sage but can also be used by itself.

Palo Santo: Most popular in south american rituals, these sticks are believe to clear misfortune, negative thoughts and to chase away evil spirits.

Sweetgrass: With a more pleasant smell, sweetgrass has become quite popular in smudging rituals and ceremonies. Instead of bundles sweetgrass will come in braids.

Mugwort: Known as the prophesy herb, mugwort is used in smudging for its dream inducing abilities. Some believe these dreams are prophetic and can even lead to astral projection.

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How to properly smudge yourself and others

Question of the Day:

Have you ever smudged yourself? What did you notice after?

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