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So I decided to talk about smudging this week and mentioned in earlier posts the history and what smudging is used for (read it here). I also went into detail about how to smudge yourself or other people (read about it here) however, for this post I wanted to explain how to smudge a home or space.

There are many different ways to smudge and each way works differently for each person. Do what feels right for you!

How to smudge your home

You have a choice of many different herbs, but then you also have the choice of loose herbs or bundled herbs. I personally use the bundled because flamed loose herbs have been known to escape my bowl a few times. Within my bundle I use different herbs for different reasons. If I want to just purify my home, I go with plain white sage. If I want to add some protection in my home I add cedar. I am sure I will make a post just about smudging herbs one day lol.

how to smudge your home

How to Smudge Your Home

Please be sure to read this post for a better understanding prior to smudging.

1. Open a window in each room of the house.

2. Gather your materials

  • Herbs
  • fireproof container (I use an abalone shell, you can find them in health food shops, metaphysical stores or even online)
  • candle
  • lighter

Set your materials up on a coffee table or where ever your first room is (I always start in my living room because that’s where my front door is). I like to set my materials up like a mini alter to create the ceremony or ritual effect.

3. State your intentions while lighting the candle. This can be done through prayer, meditation, chanting or mantras. An example of a prayer may be 

“I cleanse this space of all negativity and anything that does not serve this home. I cast out evil doing and any impurities that are currently present. I welcome all that is positive, uplifting and protective to love my space as I do. I am grateful to have this living space and for the loved ones who’s energies fill it”

4. If using a bundle or stick light your herbs with your candle (if using loose herbs light with the lighter). Let the herbs catch fire for a few seconds before blowing out and creating a smoke trail.

5. Let the smoke begin to build up and continue your meditation, chant or pray as you walk around the room with your herbs and fireproof container.

6. Working in a clockwise motion around the room, wave the smoke from the floor up to the walls and ceiling, make sure to get the corners, spaces behind the doors, windows and any small spaces. If in a particularly negative feeling room, clear spaces in drawers, cabinets, and closets. You can use a feather, fan or your hand to wave the smoke. (See my tutorial on how to make a smudge fan here)

7. Keeping your intentions clear, imagine all the negative energy leaving as the smoke floats out the windows. Be sure to keep conscious of your breath as well. Be calm and collective and remember this is an ancient practice.

8. Continue working clockwise and enter into another room, be grateful for the room, what it gives you and what you have been blessed with. Such as the kitchen, be grateful for the meals that you are able to enjoy and the guests that fill your home with joy.

9. After blessing every room return to the first room. Cleanse yourself, starting from the head down (see how to cleanse your body for more). Say your prayer, chant or mantra one last time then blow out your candle. Now all negativity has been released from your home and body and sent out to the universe to be used as needed. If experiencing very negative energy in the home, smudge the interior and exterior of your doors and windows really well, then extinguish the bundle and bury in the backyard.

10. I like to take the time after to enjoy the outdoors and welcome the positive energy that nature gives before entering into my home again. Plus this gives the home time to reset itself.

11. Once finished reenter your home and assess the feelings you get in each room. You should feel light, clear, and uplifted. I like to light a candle and close the windows (unless the weather is nice then I leave the windows open) in each room to create tranquility.

Be sure to snap a photo & hashtag #omlivin of your yogi adventures! I would love to see your Spiritual side!


Question of the Day:

Have you smudged before? What was your experience?

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