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2015 is here and many new year resolutions have been made, or are at least beginning to make the list. But this year I have decided to make 1 and only 1 new years resolution. Working on this single act, will reward me with great happiness for the rest of my life and there after.This act will not only furnish me with such positive vibrations but to each and everyone of those who I come in contact with…as well as enhance the lives from all around. My friends, I am talking about Karma Yoga.

So for those of you that didn’t even know there was another type of yoga outside of hatha, I am here to blow your mind. Karma Yoga is known as the yoga of action, and is more of a yoga for your mind and soul. To practice Karma Yoga, there is no demand for mats, or towels, for all that is needed are your thoughts, words, actions and emotions (TWAE). Karma Yoga really allows you to see the bigger picture of the way things could and should be. By focusing your TWAE towards a more positive energy you are creating good karma and practicing karma yoga.

The word Karma can be thought of as a negative event or burden that happens to one who does bad. “Karma’s a Bitch” or “What goes around comes around,” however today I want to give you a different perspective allowing you to have a better understanding of what Karma really is.

Since Karma is such a HUGE topic I know I won’t be able to explain it all in one post, (you can count on more posts about Karma in the future!!) so bare with me if I don’t explain everything thoroughly, please leave a comment down below if you do end up having any questions!


Karma is not some divine being choosing your next punishment or reward, but a universal rule that naturally occurs. Newton’s law of cause and effect fits perfectly for Karma. Your actions will always influence the results to follow, whether in this life, your next life or afterlife. Bringing all your TWAE back to you at some point or another. Trying to understand why me? is a toilsome thing to fathom and it is said that only an enlightened one can truly comprehend every aspect of karma, such as the details like; why now, what was done to cause that event and so on. But since the majority of us are not enlightened (just yet anyways) we don’t know what kind of stored karma we have created and might feel that the suffering we are experiencing is some sort of harsh punishment. But know this, Karma is never a discipline, but a consequence and hidden lesson. We need to open heartily accept that we somehow, somewhere created those causes and try to find the lesson for soul growth and healing. Negative emotions such as anger or jealousy are due to ignorance, learning how to handle tense situations when they arise will not only teach us something about ourselves but plant the seeds for good karma. Living consciously will only give us good karma for the future and create positive habits which will also pass through our lives. That is what Karma Yoga is all about!

So feel hopeful and obliged because you now have the chance to rectify your life thus creating a better karma for your future. Meditation is good for Karma because it allows you to reach your higher self, create higher vibrations around you and possibly even correct past negative feelings and emotions to form positive ones. Ask yourself, “What am I giving to this world?” Because what ever you give to it, you will receive in your due time.


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Did you know there was yoga outside of the asanas?
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