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I want to start this new years off with a chakra series! 🙂 I am super excited to write about all the seven chakras starting from your root chakra all the way to your crown chakra.

PS: There are actually more chakras, but these are the main 7. Along with each chakra, I will also feature a yoga pose that helps to open/balance each energy center. 

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Weekly Asana: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

I had fun designing this vector (image) because this is how I feel when I am in tree pose. I am grounded and feel such a positive energy all around me, however I wanted to get the “tree look” as well as show the beauty & positiveness in this image.


Ok on to the tree pose & chakra lesson!

This pose is associated with your Root Chakra (Muladhara), which is located at the base of your spine & is the first energy center or chakra. This is can be associated with the color red, although some images have been known to have yellow along with it. The root chakra is what connects us to the earth (hence why it’s called the “root” chakra), we are grounding ourselves to this beautiful earth. This is also where our survival needs and instincts come from.

Having an open root chakra is known to help increase our basic survival needs and security, however if this chakra is closed or blocked it can lead to worried or anxious feelings & fear. Mental & physical health can also be affected by the state of your chakra.

Practicing yoga or any physical sport as well as walking barefoot on grass or earth (also known as earthing) can greatly increase your health & open up your root chakra. Tree Pose is focusing on your balance as well as stretching your body towards the sun or sky (typically about 30 seconds to a minute on each leg). If you have difficulties balancing in tree pose, you can always stand near a wall or lower your leg for help. Once you have started to master balancing on your own start to extend your grounded toes, open your chest while also bringing your shoulder blades together…this will help you breath better as well as stretching you more.

tree pose

How to Achieve Tree Pose

  1. Start off in Mountain Pose
  2. Using your hand to help (if needed) bring your foot up towards your inner thigh or groin
  3. Next stand in one-legged Nameste
  4. Then while inhaling bring your arms above your head in Tree Pose.
Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Yes I did this pose in these boots! Never again & not recommended.

This pose strengthens your:

  • legs (groin area, thighs, calves, ankles & feet)
  • back
  • sometimes even your hips.

If you have flat feet no fear as this is a perfect pose for you (hint hint Ally) however after reading more about the physical benefits of this pose, you do not want to attempt it if you have chronic knee or hip problems.

I was mainly looking to see if you can do this with a hurt ankle [due to my lovely Shane rolling it during box riding] && you can!!

I found out that after three weeks to a month of rolling your ankle you are actually encouraged to balance on it using tree, eagle or warrior 3 poses. However, take it slow & just relax while also focusing on stillness. When in tree pose meditate on “I am”, you are connecting yourself to the earth’s energy & becoming one with your surroundings. As I breathe, I like to believe I am inhaling positive energy while exhaling all negative energy.

Be sure to snap a photo & hashtag #omlivin of your yogi adventures! I would love to see your Spiritual side!

Chakras are such a beautiful topic to talk about, I decided to make my very first Vlog video about them! Please do enjoy this quick intro into the Chakras, have anything to add? Be sure to leave a comment for the community and myself! 🙂

PS: sorry I pronounce “chakras” super texan lol. 


Question of the Day:

Do you actively balance your chakras? Let me know what you do to balance them in the comments down below!

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