How To Store Dried Herbs

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Hello my healthy readers,

I am extremely excited to write today’s post, not just because I am talking about storing one nature’s most beautiful gifts but because this is the beginning of a whole new Wholesome Wednesdays! I have put a ton of effort into learning the way of herbs and I want to share this information with you, my readers.

I will be providing more information to you regarding herbs! How to grow them, dry them, store them as well as why we need them in future posts. I hope to create a huge index for you and your loved ones to come back to for any ailments that you might be having. I also want to give you the knowledge of which herbs you probably shouldn’t be taking and which ones don’t mix well together.

As I continue on this herbal journey I also hope to share with you some recipes for salves, tinctures, tonics, and much more. Herbs are such a powerful life-force, I feel that everyone can benefit from learning more about them and what they can do for you!

storing herbs

We all know that herbs carry medicinal properties, but not everyone is aware that as soon as they are harvested they start to lose their potency. However if stored properly they they can last up to 1-4 years, depending on the herb. In most cases when buying herbs, make sure that you always buy organic, sustainably harvested and if buying locally or in person try to pick the most colorful or most scented as these are more fresh….oh and always try to buy in bulk. 😃 When buying online, these are a few of the companies that I trust:


When storing herbs we need to be conscious of three things: the amount of sunlight, air exposure, and temperature/moisture. 


First thing you want to do when you get your herbs is to take them out of their paper or plastic bag and place them into a clean air tight container. I use either these glass jars or recycled glass jars from our kitchen. The air tight container will help to keep moisture out, ensuring that your herbs stay dry, mold free, and fresh. 
Another lesson that I quickly learned was to always always add labels to your jars. Be sure to add the date you are storing as well as the name of the herb. There are many awesome labels you can find online such as these below: 
You can even create your own from old postcards, card stock, or even paper and modpodge it onto your jars! I have also see chalkboard paint as the labels. Be sure that your chalk doesn’t smear though. 


Next you want to make sure that you are placing your containers in a cool, dark, & dry area, such as a pantry, cupboard, or even a closet. I personally use a bookshelf that is covered with a homemade curtain to block out the light….ps: I also do this with my kombucha brewing. 😉 Sunlight as well as fluctuation of temperature and humidity can damage or reduce the the effects the herbs can provide. For this reason, basements are not recommended…although it would be cool to turn your whole basement into an herbal workshop. It’s just not worth loosing your herbs to mold or loss of potency. 
You can also use blue or amber tinted glass jars to help keep the light out. 

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I know that this was a short post, but I hope that you found it informative and helpful. I look forward to providing you with more herbal information in the weeks to come. If you have any questions about herbs please list them down below in the comments so I know what information you guys are seeking! 😃

storing dried herbs

Question of the Day:

What is your primary use for collecting herbs? Culinary, medicinally, teas, beauty? Let me know in the comments down below!

Wow, that was a lot of information for you today! So glad you stopped by, I hope that this information has informed you as well as filled you with more questions to begin your very own path towards wellness. I want to thank you for reading today’s post and educating yourself on holistic health. Not only are you helping the planet but you are helping yourself and those around you truly heal. Living a healthy lifestyle takes some work but I promise you it’s 100% worth it!! I also want to mention that I am not a doctor and all the information given to you today is for information purposes only, please continue to educate yourself from other sources. Please read my disclaimer for more information. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family, like us on our social media | Instagram | Twitter | Google+ | platforms and subscribe to our newsletter for more topics on holistic living!


Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Ashleigh is a mother & wife who enjoys blogging in hopes to change this world for the better. Wanting to heal others inside-out as well as healing our planet Earth. Her passions include balancing the mind through meditation, knowledge & conscious parenting, the body through plant based eating, alternative medicine, & yoga, and the soul through up cycling, gardening, & sustainability. Keep your life balanced & subscribe to her weekly emails, follow OmLivin’ on instagram, twitter, pinterest or check her out on Google+ for more.

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