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The past few months I have been experimenting with natural cleaning supply ingredients for my new Etsy shoppe I aspire to open late January 2015. One of the products I’ve been working on were my bath salts. I was having trouble testing them out because Ava ALWAYS takes a bath when I do. At first I didn’t think it would be a problem but then I saw the warning suggesting not to bathe children under the age of 6. So I decided to set out and discover why…I found a few things in which I needed to take caution with since Ava is just a toddler and thought I would share with you today. Please note the cautions that I found for toddlers will be bolded and in red, like me!

Whats in your Bath Water

Is Bath Water bad?

Depending on where you live, your water can contain anywhere from 300 to 2160 chemicals in your bath. Chemicals like:

Chlorine – which according to the CDC,

  • “is one of the most commonly manufactured chemicals in the United States. Its most important use is as a bleach in the manufacture of paper and cloth, but it is also used to make pesticides (insect killers), rubber, and solvents.”(1)
  • “The extent of poisoning caused by chlorine depends on the amount of chlorine a person is exposed to, how the person was exposed, and the length of time of the exposure. “(2)
  • When chlorine gas comes into contact with moist tissues such as the eyes, throat, and lungs, an acid is produced that can damage these tissues.(3)
  • Some evidence suggests that too much exposure to chlorine can cause extremely negative health effects.
  • *Note that the city of Dallas states on the DallasCityHall website that they use a mixture of chlorine AND ammonia to make chloramine. They state that it is to “protect the health and safety of our citizens.” and that “studies have shown that using chlorine by itself can cause a reaction in the water that leaves by-products called trihalomethane.” which can be harmful if used over a long period of time. Please do extensive research on chloramine for more information.

Fluoride – which

  • Is added to our water to prevent tooth decay and is the only chemical added to our water for medical reasons, yet statistically can’t be proven that it increases oral health when consumed.
  • Interferes with numerous enzymes (Waldbott 1978), can interfere with biochemistry in fundamental ways (Barbier 2010) and is linked to thyroid problems.
  • Accumulates in the body calcifying tissues, bones and pineal glands (Luke 1997, 2001). Infants and children can take up to 80% of ingested fluoride into their bones (Ekstrand 1994).
  • There are many other downsides to fluoride, if you’d like to read more check out this list of 50 Reason to Hate Fluoride linked with great sources and data to back them up! I advise you to educate yourself on the dangers of fluoride for yours and your family’s health.
  • Note: zeolite is an effective way to remove fluoride from the body that has already been absorbed.
    VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) & Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
    includes herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals.
    can be damaging to the liver, kidneys, reproductive system, and more.
    damages hormones and can lead to breast cancer, prostate cancer, ectopic pregnancies, undescended testicles (cryptorchidism) and more.

These are just the main culprits I wanted to unveil to you. There are many more chemicals in our water, but that will have to be a post all in it’s own. Please note that I am not trying to cause a panic about our water, I am just informing you what exactly is in it. So let’s get back to our detox bath….

Why Take Detox Baths?

According to the EPA, children are most at risk from absorbing contaminants due to their excessive time spent in a bath tub and little bodies to water ratio. Our children are still growing and developing many vital organs in their bodies and are more vulnerable due to their size. It is crucial that we rid our bodies of these harmful impurities and neutralize our bath water.

Detox baths promote healing as well as relaxation. They strengthen our immune systems and our concentration. The main ingredient in detox baths are Epson Salts, which play a big role in the benefits.

What are Epson Salts?

  • Epson salts contain two naturally occurring minerals; both which improve health immensely and draw out toxins from your body.
  • Magnesium – A mineral that manages more than 325 enzymes in your body! A deficiency can contribute to hyperactivity, high blood pressure LINK TO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, heart problems and more.
  • Bioavailable Sulfate, “a crucial mineral in mammalian physiology.”(source), detoxes the body from toxins (such as medications, harsh chemicals, VOCs, and pollutants), stimulates the pancreas to help create digestive enzymes, aids in formation of the;
    • joint proteins
    • brain tissue
    • mucin proteins (line the walls of your digestive tract)

Other health benefits of Epson Salts are:

  • Improves oxygen use
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients, while flushing out the toxins
  • Prevents or eases migraine headaches
  • Prevents hardening of arteries and blood clots
  • Reduces inflammation thus relieving pain and muscle cramps as well as helps muscle and nerves
  • Function properly
  • Decreases stress while increasing concentration.
  • Improves sleep

Taken orally Epson Salts are a powerful laxative, please take caution: when toddler is taking a detox bath, make sure child does not drink the water.

Oils added to Detox Baths

I enjoy putting essential oils in our baths due to their beneficial physiological effects when inhaled and their known healing abilities.

Coconut oil is also added to our detox baths because it helps the essential oils bind to it which will undoubtably stick to your bodies giving you the benefits from all the oils. Please take caution: standing in the tub can result in a fall as the coconut oil is slippery. After our bath we are able to pat ourselves dry and rub in the remaining coconut/essential oils which moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Other important ingredients:

Baking soda is added to help neutralize chlorine as well as a few other chemicals. Baking soda has been known to increase mineral absorption and balance pH levels. The Bentonite clay is added to remove fluoride and has many other special benefits, Wellness Mama has a great article about it here.

*I’ve seen some recipes that add salt to the bath, however no effects have been published. Although I have read that regular intake of Iodine will keep your Thyroid Gland from absorbing fluoride, so maybe iodized salt will help? (More research to come, do you have any experience or knowledge on this let me know in the comments down below!)

Who can and cannot take a detox bath

  • those with high blood pressure can take detox baths, (please note if you are on antihypertensive meds, the hot bath may drop your blood pressure, take caution and seek more information before taking a detox bath.)
  • Those with asthma are safe to take detox baths
  • Mothers who are nursing can safely take detox baths
  • As long as toddlers do not drink the water and refrain from standing and walking around the tub, they can enjoy a detox bath as well!
  • Chemo and Radiation Patients
    • It is recommended to take baths with epsom salts during chemo
    • Certain chemotherapies can cause your magnesium levels to drop. Studies have shown that
    • people with magnesium deficiencies will naturally correct their levels by taking baths with the 2 c of epsom salts recommended 2-3 times a week.
    • Replacing magnesium by mouth can lead to diarrhea, so this is a nice alternative.
    • Helps with migraine headaches and muscle cramps and it really makes a difference.
    • Not Recommended for radiation, as soaking the area undergoing treatment, for if wet and skin is broken, bacteria can be transferred. Although a nice detox foot soak is perfectly fine for those with treatment on upper part of the body.
Detox Bath IS Safe for Toddlers

Has anyone noticed I just LOVE taking pictures with my new camera??? 😀


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This post is a part of the Detox Bath Series:

Why Your Toddler Should be Taking Detox Baths

How to Take Detox Baths for You and Your Toddler 

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