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Do you have an active toddler who is always wanting to help? Well I have a great task for you & for them! As I have mentioned on previous posts, I do all my grocery shopping once a week. But I left out that I do all of the weekly prepping that day as well. I like to buy whole produce and prep it myself rather than buying it pre-prepped/precut/pre peeled and so on, 1.) because it’s cheaper to buy the whole produce and 2.) because it’s more fresh & more nutritious. We spend a good 30 minutes or so prepping our weekly meals so that when it’s time to cook I am less likely to be lazy or “not in the mood to cook” resulting in a trip to some thai restaurant.

Now let me start over by saying that before I go shopping I plan a grocery list based on the ingredients needed from the weekly meal planner. This is very helpful because it helps me know exactly what to buy and what to cook each day for lunch and dinner. I highly recommend that you start a weekly planner as well! Here is a little template to get you started!

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When we get home from the store, Ava and I get to work washing, peeling & chopping. I have a big bowl that I put our fresh berries in, all ready for snacking! We chop our kale and broccoli so all you have to do is reach in and grab a few handfuls of each to sauté. Shane’s mom got us a set of refrigerator organization tubs, so I use one to hold my celery in once they’re washed and cut. If you’re going to use your celery at the end of the week I suggest putting some water in the tub.

If you’re planning on making soup I would suggest cutting all your vegetables and storing together in a container so when the time comes, plop right into the pot! This is great bonding time with your littles so be sure to include them in the washing and tearing. After I cut up the veggies I normally let her place them in the bowls. This is nice because she is using her sorting & concentration skills to place the different veggies in their rightful bowl/bin. Get creative and give them tongs or spoons to sort with!

Gotta love those cheeks!!

Gotta love those cheeks!!

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Question of the Day:
Would prepping your meals help you resist the urge of eating out?
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