5 Awesome & Lovely Valentines Day Crafts with Toddlers

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Hello my loving parents,

Mr Darcy

Ahhh… Mr. Darcy!! A new blogging friend recently posted about THE Mr. Darcy & the love us women have for him….ahhhh…I knew I just had to start off my Valentine crafting post with his heart melting smile…. oh && bear if you’re reading this… I love you more!! 


5 valentines crafts with toddlers

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“Ashleigh it’s still January….why are you already doing Valentine’s day crafts??”

Well I’ll tell you why….because if Hobby Lobby has Christmas decor in the store before Halloween I think we should be allowed to start filling our house with pink, red & white after New Years! ❤ Why not fill your house with a little extra love early?

…Just a thought!

I just love holidays, they are so much fun and each so extremely different!  && what better way to decorate than with decor made by your very own littles? One day when you’re hanging up that handprinted canvas, you’re going to sigh & smile reminiscing on those chaotic yet simplistic days.

This week Ava & I completed 5 Valentine’s day crafts & we would like to share them with you to enjoy with your littles!

valentines day crafts with toddlers

5 Valentines Day Crafts with Toddlers


Stamped Heart Art


valentines day crafts with toddlers


  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Paint
  • Paper (taped down to table for younger tots)
  • Yarn or String
  • Hole Puncher
  • Yarn needle

Have you seen all the things you can do with a toilet paper roll??? Well let me tell you, you can do A LOT!! Just pinterest it & you will be amazed. One of the things I found was that by folding it jussssst right you can make it in the shape of a ❤! Now get your toxic free paint out, piece of paper taped down & your wild toddler seated & have a ball!!

For the younger tots (around Ava’s age, 12-16 months) dip the heart in the paint & hand it to them for stamping! Redip as needed. For the older ones, show them how to dip & stamp then let them take the reins. Ava loved this craft or should I say stamping the crap out of her paper! Stamping + toddler = A++.

Bonus Craft:

Once you’re finished with the stamping. Cut the roll making 5- 6 hearts. have your tot stamp each one with whichever color they choose. Let dry & repeat on other side. Once hearts are fully dry, hole punch a hole on each side of the heart. Next tie your yarn or string to the yarn needle & let your tot thread the hearts through making a mini heart garland. We hung our on ours on our bedroom door! 🙂

valentines day crafts with toddlers

Valentine’s Cardboard Heart Cards


valentines day crafts with toddlers


  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Ribbon, Yarn or String
  • Hole Puncher
  • Yarn needle
  • Paper & Glue (&& any extra material for cards)

This craft ended up turning out so sweet! First take your cardboard & cut it into the shape of a ❤. Now you can trace one or just free hand it like I did. Remember: beauty isn’t always perfection….We used decorative scissors to make our hearts but normal ones are just as good! Now after cutting, let your tot go to town on the heart with markers! Once they seem bored take the heart & hole punch around about two fingers width apart from each other. Tie your ribbon, yarn or string to your yarn needle & let your tot thread in & out of each hole. We started in the top center & tied a bow, but you can also just end it on the back with tape to give it the infinity look.

Next let your tot stamp/color/paint on a piece of paper (or use the piece from craft #1), turn the sheet over & trace their tiny little hands all over the paper. You’re done for now! When you have time later on, cut out the hands & glue them to the insides of your cards! Be sure to write their name & age along with a cute little Valentine note for whoever you’re giving the cards to! The fronts should have your cardboard hearts on them! Volia, you just make some handmade cards!! Take that hallmark!

valentines day crafts with toddlers

Paper Hearts


valentines day crafts with toddlers


  • Paper
  • Paper hearts (pre cut)
  • Glue

Ok soooo this was interesting! I saw this idea on The Crafting Fiend & decided to try it with Ava! First I put glue dots randomly on the paper. I then showed Ava what to do with the paper hearts & let her do the rest! Super easy & Ava loved it.

The glue dries after a while, so don’t worry about the wet marks for now.


valentines day crafts with toddlers

Window Hearts


valentines day crafts with toddlers


  • Red Colored Paper
  • Q-tip
  • Oil
  • String

This craft couldn’t be easier! Seriously!! Just set your tot down with some paper give them a few q-tips and a little tiny bowl of oil &&& sit back & enjoy! Your little one will be occupied for at least 10 minutes! lol. hey that’s a long time for my little one! She loved this & the oil helped clean my table!! Nice.

Next cut your paper into hearts & hang with string on your window to make a beautiful little view. The sunlight really makes the oil stand out. We hung them at different levels however, A Childhood List displays her hearts differently.

valentines day crafts with toddlers

Memory Mold


valentines day crafts with toddlers


  • 2 c Salt
  • 2 c Flour
  • 1 1/2 c Water
  • Paint

This craft was more for me to remember my baby girl as a baby! Time has already flown by too fast!! This craft was fun to make and Ava enjoyed the dough between her toes. hehe.  Sooo basically mix all your ingredients together in a bowl. Show your little one how to knead. Once everything is mixed in, put a nice big piece of parchment paper on your surface then lay the mix down on top. Roll your dough out to make a thick circle-ish shape. Now shape your dough using your hands or a knife (I just used my hands but next time I will most likely use a knife for greater accuracy) next, have your little one step on the mold. You want to make sure the imprint goes in at least half way. We did Ava’s hands at the top (notice: Ava curled her right hand & it looks funky looking) & 1 foot in the middle. If you’re going to be having this on a wall, get a straw or chopstick & poke it through desired spot. Bake at 200 for two hours. Once finished, paint it!! We used acrylic & I believe that’s the best choice. I used white for the imprints & pink for the rest! Using twine or ribbon, thread through, knot & hang!! Volia! 

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We wish you a beautiful Valentine’s day filled with peace, love & happiness! 

happy valentines day from om livin

Question of the Day:

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Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

Written By: Ashleigh Nicole

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  1. Jamie

    I can’t wait to try these with my twins!! Thank you and your daughter is adorable!

    • Ashleigh Nicole

      Thank you so much, she sure is my pride and joy!! 😀 Hope you and your twins enjoy these crafts!

  2. Connie

    I I loved the activities and could tell Ava did too. Next time try glitter. lol

    • Om Livin'

      lol, I bet Ava would love how the glitter looks! We will have to try it next time! 😉



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