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This time of the year is the perfect time to be sitting next to a little joyful tot while they actively stimulate their minds….all while having fun! I like to set a nice little fire (on the cold days) warm up some Immunity Tea for Ava & I, play pandora instrumental holiday music and creepily stare at my child painting blue popsicle stick snowflakes!

As much as I adore this time of the year, I always forget how hectic it can get. That’s why I love these little crafts because they are super simple to set up and Ava really concentrates on each and every one! I like to participate in the activities mosts times, but always appreciate the fact that I can go finish the laundry/dishes/pick up random shoes and clothing or brush my hair ……and know my child is perfectly content being a little individual!

Her independence is growing stronger each day as well as her desire to learn more, I hope that your child enjoys these activities as much as Ava and I do!

winter activities for toddlers

1. Snowflake popsicle sticks

 Each snowflake consists of 6 popsicle sticks. I hot glued 14 plus sign shapes. After they were dry I glued 7 of the plus signs to the other 7 creating a snowflake appearance. After they were dry, I put them on the table with two shades of blue and white paint. Along with the paint I had q-tips, sponges, paint brushes, white glittery pom poms, and bells. Let your tot paint away, when they want to add the pom poms or bells be sure to have some hot glue near by. Don’t forget to date the back for later on down the road!


2. Winter Sensory Bottle

 Have an empty water bottle you’ve been holding onto? Well fill er up with water + 1 tbsp white vinegar and 2 tbsp of silver and white glitter! Super glue the cap on and you have yourself a winter sensory bottle! When your child is getting restless and showing their emotions negatively shake this up and hand it to them. Maybe even sit down on the couch until they calm down. Ava likes to play with this ins the car as well!

3. Winter Sensory Snow Bin

 This one was so much fun to make! I filled a bin about half way full with epson salts added 1 cup of table salt, and put in some snow flakesthat I got from hobby lobby. I then added about 1/2-2/3 cup of silver and white glitter as well as some bells tied to white pipe cleaners (prevents the bells from becoming a chocking hazard). This activities stimulates your child’s touch, sight and hearing. Ava loves playing in her snow box, it does get messy so be sure to keep this outside or in your garage. Be sure not to let children eat, as the epson salts are a powerful laxative.


4. Felt Christmas Tree or Snow Man

 Did you know Hobby lobby sells felt by the yard? Get yourself 1/4- 1/2 yard of green felt and a sheet of red, silver or gold or multicolored…you will for sure need a yellow or gold for the star! Next cut your green felt in the shape of a christmas tree, I find it easier to fold in half so your ends are cut consistently. Your colored felts will be your ornaments, you feel free to cut all circles or in holiday shapes (like gingerbread men and candy canes). The green felt should stick to the wall as will all your ornaments stick to the tree. Your little tot will love decorating and redecorating their very own tree!

For the Snowman, get yourself some white felt, 1/4-1/2 yard, 2 sheets of black felt, 1 orange and 1 blue.. Cut the the white into three multishaped circles. Use one black sheet for the hat, and the other sheet for the buttons and eyes! Of course the orange is for the carrot nose and the blue is for a decorative scarf!

5. Acorn Collecting

 This is one of my personal favorites because it involves being outdoors. This time of the year the trees have transformed with vibrant green leaves into beautiful crisp colors. They shed their leaves and with the leaves comes the acorns. Ava and I like to get a little basket and take a walk around the neighborhood collecting acorns along the way. It’s always fun for Ava because she thinks it’s an adventure. There are many things to do with the acorns once we have collected them but releasing them back outside is always a kind gesture for the wildlife. Since we go so often I decided to save some for a winter mantel display.

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Question of the Day:

What are some winter activities you do with your family?
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well that’s all I have for today’s Family Friday, be sure to come back on fridays for more articles pertaining to family lifestyle and an alternative way of raising children. Don’t forget you can always subscribe to receive weekly emails in your inbox. Comments are always welcomed as well as opinions, please try to be open minded towards each other and remember we are all trying to do what’s best. We can only expand our knowledge to those who are willing to hear it. Be educated, be wise and be kind. Thanks for reading and be sure to snuggle extra long with your littles this weekend, they won’t be little for long.

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