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Yoga is something that needs to be in my weekly routine. The minute my life gets too hectic to practice is when I need it most! If I had it my way I would do yoga once a day every day, however life of a mother/wife is never “my way”. I do love my role as being a mother/wife but also know that it’s important to keep balance in my life. Taking 1-3 days a week to do yoga is what helps keep me balanced.

The past month I am ashamed to say not once did I roll out my mat. And I can totally tell a difference in my mood, patience and motivation. November consisted of birthdays, baby showers and Thanksgiving, busy?? You bet your butt I was! Not to mention December holds more birthdays and Christmas, which is the motherload of holidays, much driving is needed to make sure each of Ava’s grandparents get adequate time for a mock holiday. But now that we are past all that crazyness it’s time that I can sit back and breathe again. A nice fire, a sleeping baby and a peaceful living room….just me…”I am”.

Once I am able to get that 60 minute yoga practice in, I immediately feel 100% better. I feel more connected with my life and those around me, I am able to slow down and see my life for what it really is and enjoy the little moments I’m so lucky to have. Some times being a stay at home mom can drive one a little insane, but when I have my yoga routine I am calm and collective. I begin to look at toddler situations much differently. Instead of complaining about food being on the floor, I am able to explain to Ava the reason for the food being on the floor is due to gravity…..of course I then go on to showing her the non-toxic All Purpose Cleaner I make and why it’s good for our planet…this is when she gets bored and leaves the room and I am stuck cleaning the floor alone….but at least I have a smile on my face.

I know most moms like to get an alone time shopping spree or running sesh in, but for me yoga is what I need. Not to be alone to think, but to be alone and clear my mind. I find that my mind is always mentally scheduling my week to week, day to day…minute to minute, but the second all that goes away is when I feel a burden being lifted off my shoulders, I enjoy the moments as they pass and know I am getting closer to my higher self. With yoga and meditation, I know that I can continue to be the peaceful, loving and understanding mother that I am!

I know that it’s only a matter of time where I can teach Ava the basics of yoga and can not wait to watch as she blossoms into a strong, peaceful little being.

❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤
Question of the Day:
Does yoga make you feel like a better mother?
❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤ ॐ❤

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